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West Bengal RTO Registration Code List 2024 PDF

West Bengal RTO Registration Code List PDF

West Bengal RTO Registration Code List Download: The Public Vehicles Department (PVD) of West Bengal, located at 38, Beltala Road in Kolkata, serves as the Regional Transport Authority for the city. Its primary focus is on providing time-bound and high-quality services to the public.

These services include the registration of motor vehicles and related functions, issuing driving licenses, ensuring the fitness of motor vehicles, granting permits, handling motor vehicle taxes, and managing various other miscellaneous services related to motor vehicles. The PVD operates in a decentralized manner, with the aim of making these services more accessible and user-friendly for the citizens.

In West Bengal, the registration mark on vehicles consists of two lines. The first line includes the state code and registering authority code, while the second line contains the remaining details. However, for vehicle models that do not have sufficient space at the rear to display the registration mark in two lines, it is acceptable to exhibit it in a single line.

TopicWest Bengal RTO Registration Code List
State NameWest Bengal
State CodeWB
PVD Office3
RTO Office22
ARTO Office30
WB RTO Websitetransport.wb.gov.in
WB RTO Code ListPDF Download
All India Code ListPDF Download
West Bengal RTO Registration Code List
West Bengal RTO Code List (Updated)

WB RTO Registration Code List (Updated)

Here is an updated compilation of the Registration Code List for the West Bengal RTO (Regional Transport Office). It is our endeavor to ensure that this list is accurate and up-to-date. Please note that this list is subject to change due to various factors. It is important to mention that the old registration codes cannot be eliminated from the list. The information provided below has been sourced from the official website of the West Bengal state government. The registration codes for both transport and non-transport vehicles are listed in a comprehensive manner.

WB RTO OfficeWB RTO Code
PVD KolkataWB-01
Kasba ARTOWB-05
Salt Lake ARTOWB-07
Behala ARTOWB-09
Howrah RTOWB-11
Uluberia ARTOWB-13
Hooghly RTOWB-15
Srirampur ARTOWB-17
Arambag ARTOWB-18
Alipore RTOWB-19
Basirhat ARTOWB-21
Barrackpore ARTOWB-23
Barasat RTOWB-25
Bangaon ARTOWB-27
Tamluk RTOWB-29
Contai ARTOWB-31
Haldia ARTOWB-32
Paschim Midnapore RTOWB-33
Kharagpur ARTOWB-35
Paschim Burdwan RTOWB-37
Durgapore ARTOWB-39
Purba Burdwan RTOWB-41
Kalna ARTOWB-43
Rampurhat ARTOWB-45
Bolpur ARTOWB-47
Jhargram RTOWB-49
Ghatal ARTOWB-50
Nadia RTOWB-51
Tehatta ARTOWB-52
Birbhum RTOWB-53
Purulia RTOWB-55
Murshidabad RTOWB-57
Uttar Dinajpur RTOWB-59
Dakshin Dinajpur RTOWB-61
Coochbehar RTOWB-63
Malda RTOWB-65
Bankura RTOWB-67
Alipurduar RTOWB-69
Jalpaiguri RTOWB-71
Siliguri ARTOWB-73
Katwa ARTOWB-75
Darjeeling RTOWB-76
Kalimpong RTOWB-78
Manbazar ARTOWB-80
Raghunathpur ARTOWB-81
Chanchol ARTOWB-83
Mathabhanga ARTOWB-85
Bishnupur ARTOWB-87
Kalyani ARTOWB-89
Islampur ARTOWB-91
Jangipur ARTOWB-93
Baruipur ARTOWB-95
Diamond Harbour ARTOWB-97

 WB Transport RTO Code List

List of RTO Codes for Transport Vehicles in West Bengal

PVD KolkataWB-0303 for Goods
PVD KolkataWB-0404 for Passenger Transport
AliporeWB-19South 24 Parganas HQ
BarasatWB-25North 24 Parganas HQ
BarrackporeWB-23Sub-Divisional Office In North 24 Parganas
BurdwanWB-41HQ In Burdwan District
DurgapurWB-39Sub-Divisional Office In Burdwan
AsansolWB-37Sub-Divisional Office In Burdwan
MidnaporeWB-33West Midnapore HQ
TamlukWB-29HQ In East Midnapore District
ContaiWB-31Sub-Divisional Office In East Midnapore
BaharampurWB-57Murshidabad District HQ
RaigunjWB-59Uttar Dinajpur District HQ
BalurghatWB-61Dakshin Dinajpur District HQ
AlipurduarWB-69Sub-Divisional Office In Jalpaiguri
JalpaiguriWB-72HQ In Jalpaiguri Distirct
SiliguriWB-73Sub-Divisional Office In Darjeeling
DarjeelingWB-76HQ In Darjeeling District
KalimpongWB-78Sub-Divisional Office In Darjeeling

WB Non-Transport RTO Code List

PVD KolkataWB-0101 for 2 Wheelers
PVD KolkataWB-0202 for Rest
PVD KolkataWB-0505 for Others
PVD KolkataWB-0606 for Rest
PVD KolkataWB-0707 for 2 Wheelers
AliporeWB-20South 24 Parganas HQ
BarasatWB-26North 24 Parganas HQ
BarrackporeWB-24Sub-Divisional Office In North 24 Parganas
BurdwanWB-42HQ In Burdwan District
DurgapurWB-40Sub-Divisional Office In Burdwan
AsansolWB-38Sub-Divisional Office In Burdwan
MidnaporeWB-34West Midnapore HQ
TamlukWB-30HQ In East Midnapore District
ContaiWB-32Sub-Divisional Office In East Midnapore
BaharampurWB-58Murshidabad District HQ
RaigunjWB-60Uttar Dinajpur District HQ
BalurghatWB-62Dakshin Dinajpur District HQ
AlipurduarWB-70Sub-Divisional Office In Jalpaiguri
JalpaiguriWB-72HQ In Jalpaiguri Distirct
SiliguriWB-74Sub-Divisional Office In Darjeeling
DarjeelingWB-77HQ In Darjeeling District
KalimpongWB-79Sub-Divisional Office In Darjeeling

Transport & Non-Transport West Bengal RTO Registration Code List

List of Transport and Non-Transport RTO Codes in West Bengal

No.RTO OfficeRTO CodeTransport Or Non-Transport
1PVD KolkataWB-01NT
2PVD KolkataWB-02NT
3PVD KolkataWB-03T
4PVD KolkataWB-04T
5PVD KolkataWB-05Others
6PVD KolkataWB-06NT
7PVD KolkataWB-07NT

PVD Kolkata RTO Office List

Welcome to the PVD Kolkata RTO Office, where we have a wealth of information on registration codes and vehicle details specific to our office. If you find yourself in need of assistance from the WB 01 Beltala RTO Code Office, please refer to the contact information provided. Our office is located in West Bengal and our state RTO code is WB, specifically designated as WB-01.

Operating under the name PVD Kolkata, we can be found at 38, Beltala Road in Kolkata, with the pin code 700 020. To reach us directly, please dial 2474-9263. If fax communication is more convenient for you, you can reach us at 2486-0222. We also welcome email communication at aopvdkolkata@gmail.com. For more detailed information about our services, feel free to visit our official website at transport.wb.gov.in.

  • WB-01 & WB-07 are dedicated to 2-wheelers,
  • 02 & 06 are for other types of vehicles,
  • 03 is for goods transportation,
  • 04 is for passenger transport,
  • and WB-05 is for other categories.

Howrah RTO Office List

Discover the comprehensive compilation of RTO codes within the esteemed domain of Howrah District. These codes, meticulously curated by the Motor Vehicle Section, grace the premises of the Office of the District Magistrate, situated in the heart of Howrah, bearing the distinguished PIN-711101. Adhering to a well-structured system, we present two distinct RTO codes for your convenience. WB-12, an exclusive identifier for non-transport vehicles, and WB-11, dedicated solely to transport vehicles, stand as testaments to our commitment in serving the diverse needs of our esteemed patrons.

Hooghly RTO Office List

Discover the comprehensive compilation of RTO codes in the illustrious district of Hooghly. Located at the Motor Vehicle Section within the esteemed Office of the District Magistrate in Chinsura, this list showcases the codes assigned to both non-transport and transport vehicles. For non-transport vehicles, the RTO codes WB-16 and WB-18 have been designated. On the other hand, transport vehicles can be identified by the exclusive RTO code WB-15. Take note of these codes as you navigate the vibrant roads of Hooghly District.

24 Parganas (North & South) RTO Office List

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in 24 Parganas, both North and South, is a highly esteemed establishment. It is commonly referred to as the Alipore RTO, bearing the distinguished RTO Code WB-19 and WB-20. In a similar vein, the Barasat RTO Office holds significant importance in the North 24 Parganas district. Its RTO Codes, WB-26 and WB-25, further solidify its prominence. Another noteworthy RTO Office in this region is the Barrackpore RTO Office, known by the RTO Codes WB-24 and WB-23. Moreover, a Sub-Divisional Office in North 24 Parganas also contributes significantly to the community’s needs.

Burdwan RTO Office List

Welcome to the Burdwan RTO Office (WB-41 and WB-42) where we cater to all your vehicle registration needs. Our office is located in the heart of Burdwan district, serving as the headquarters for this region. We take pride in providing exceptional services to the community.

If you reside in Durgapur, we have a dedicated Durgapur RTO office to assist you. This office operates under RTO Code WB-40 for non-transport vehicles and WB-39 for transport vehicles. Rest assured, our team at the sub-divisional office in Burdwan is committed to serving you efficiently. For those in Asansol, we have an Asansol RTO office as well. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with non-transport vehicles under RTO Code WB-38, and transport vehicles under WB-37. You can find our sub-divisional office conveniently located in Burdwan.

Midnapore RTO Office List

Midnapore, the land of RTO offices! Let me enlighten you with the extensive list of these bureaucratic havens located around the region: The prestigious Midnapore RTO Office, adorned with the titles of RTO Code WB-34 for Non-Transport Vehicles and RTO Code WB-33 for Transport Vehicles, stands tall in the glorious West Midnapore HQ. Behold, the Tamluk RTO Office, bestowed with the honorable RTO Code WB-30 for Non-Transport Vehicles and RTO Code WB-29 for Transport Vehicles. Its grandeur graces the headquarters of East Midnapore District. Lastly, we have the Contai RTO Office, a sub-divisional office situated in East Midnapore. This magnificent establishment takes pride in its RTO Code WB-32 for Non-Transport Vehicles and RTO Code WB-31 for Transport Vehicles.

Nadia RTO Office List

The delightful realm of NADIA RTO Code and Office Details unveils itself before your very eyes. Allow me to present the enchanting codes that govern this land of non-transport and transport vehicles. Behold, the illustrious RTO Code WB-52, where non-transport vehicles find solace and guidance. And lo, behold the magnificent RTO Code WB-51, a sanctuary for transport vehicles to seek shelter and compliance. Let these codes be etched in your memory, as they hold the key to navigating the roads of NADIA.

Birbhum RTO Office List

Birbhum, the epitome of vehicular administration in the state of West Bengal, boasts its remarkable RTO codes and office details. For non-transport vehicles, the distinguished RTO code is WB-54, while transport vehicles can proudly exhibit their association with RTO code WB-53.

Purulia RTO Office List

Welcome to the information hub of Purulia’s RTO code and office details. If you’re looking for the RTO code for non-transport vehicles, it’s WB-56. On the other hand, for transport vehicles, the code you need is WB-55. Stay informed and keep these codes handy for any future reference.

Baharampur RTO Office List

Here is a list of RTO offices in Baharampur and its surrounding areas:

1. Baharampur RTO Office:
– RTO Code WB-58 is designated for Non-Transport Vehicles.
– RTO Code WB-57 is designated for Transport Vehicles.
This office is situated at the headquarters of Murshidabad District.

2. Raigunj RTO Office:
– RTO Code WB-60 is designated for Non-Transport Vehicles.
– RTO Code WB-59 is designated for Transport Vehicles.
This office is located at the headquarters of Uttar Dinajpur District.

3. Balurghat RTO Office:
– RTO Code WB-62 is designated for Non-Transport Vehicles.
– RTO Code WB-61 is designated for Transport Vehicles.
This office can be found at the headquarters of Dakshin Dinajpur District.

Coochbehar RTO Office List

West Bengal’s Coochbehar RTO is responsible for handling the registration and licensing of vehicles in the region. Specifically, there are two distinct codes associated with this RTO. The first one, WB-64, pertains to non-transport vehicles, while the second code, WB-63, is designated for transport vehicles. These codes play a vital role in ensuring efficient and organized vehicle management within the jurisdiction of Coochbehar RTO.

Malda RTO Office List

Discover the fascinating world of the Malda RTO Code and Office Details in the enchanting land of West Bengal. Delve into the realm of WB-66, exclusively designated for Non-Transport Vehicles, and embark on a journey through WB-65, the designated realm for Transport Vehicles. Uncover the mysteries and intricacies of these codes as you navigate the vibrant landscape of West Bengal.

Bankura RTO Office List

Discover the intriguing secrets of BANKURA RTO Code and Office Details, nestled in the enchanting realm of West Bengal. Unveiling the mystique, we present to you the prestigious RTO Code WB-68, exclusively dedicated to Non-Transport Vehicles. Behold, for there is also the illustrious RTO Code WB-67, reserved solely for the majestic Transport Vehicles.

Jalpaiguri & Darjeeling RTO Office List List

Discover a comprehensive compilation of the RTO offices in the picturesque regions of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. Explore the seamless functionality of each office as they efficiently handle the diverse needs of non-transport and transport vehicles within their jurisdiction. Delve into the distinctive RTO codes assigned to each office:

1. Alipurduar RTO Office:
– RTO Code WB-70: Dedicated to non-transport vehicles
– RTO Code WB-69: Committed to transport vehicles

2. Jalpariguri RTO Office at Sub-Divisional Office:
– RTO Code WB-72: Exclusively serving non-transport vehicles
– RTO Code WB-71: Devoted to transport vehicles

3. Siliguri RTO Office at HQ in Jalpaiguri District:
– RTO Code WB-74: Primarily focused on non-transport vehicles
– RTO Code WB-73: Mainly dedicated to transport vehicles

4. Darjeeling RTO Office at Sub-Divisional Office:
– RTO Code WB-77: Specifically designed for non-transport vehicles
– RTO Code WB-76: Tailored to meet the needs of transport vehicles

5. Kalimpong RTO Office at HQ in Darjeeling District:
– RTO Code WB-79: Specially allocated for non-transport vehicles
– RTO Code WB-78: Specially designated for transport vehicles

These meticulously established offices serve as the backbone of efficient vehicular operations, seamlessly catering to the diverse demands of both non-transport and transport vehicles within their respective geographical boundaries.

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