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All India RTO Code Office List PDF Download

All India RTO Code Office List PDF Download | RTO Office, Vehicle Information for All States in India 2024

All India RTO Code Office List PDF Download 2024: RTO, which stands for Regional Transport Office, is entrusted with the crucial task of maintaining a comprehensive repository of all diverse categories of registered automobiles traversing the urban expanse, regional jurisdiction, and administrative territories.

Every transport vehicle in India is assigned a unique number that is registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in that state. The registration of transport vehicles is done using specific series of RTO codes that are allotted to each Transport Authority in India. Check out our latest list of RTO Code numbers with state names to find the information you need. 

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, Rules 50 & 51, every motor vehicle owner must adhere to the requirement of having a distinct number plate issued by the Road Transport Authority. It is mandatory for the registration number plate to be affixed on both sides of the vehicle, following specific dimensions. For instance, if we take the example of TN 12 0729, the initial two letters indicate the state in which the vehicle is registered (TN represents Tamil Nadu). The following two numbers denote the district of the RTO Office (12 corresponds to the Poonamalle RTO Office). Lastly, the four-digit number (0729) serves as a means of identification for that particular motor vehicle.
In terms of the size specifications for number plates in India:
– Two and three-wheelers: 200 mm x 100 mm
– Light motor vehicles and passenger cars: 340 mm x 200 mm or 500 mm x 120 mm
– Medium or heavy commercial vehicles: 340 mm x 200 mm

All India RTO Registration Mark List

All State RTO Registration Mark List: The comprehensive list below showcases the registration marks for each state’s Regional Transport Office (RTO). It is crucial to familiarize oneself with these codes to ensure compliance with the respective state’s vehicle registration procedures.

Name of the StateRTO Code
Andhra Pradesh RTO Code ListAP
Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code ListAR
Assam RTO Code ListAS
Bihar RTO Code ListBR
Chhattisgarh RTO Code ListCG
Goa RTO Code ListGA
Gujarat RTO Code ListGJ
Haryana RTO Code ListHR
Himachal Pradesh RTO Code ListHP
Jharkhand RTO Code ListJH
Karnataka RTO Code ListKA
Kerala RTO Code ListKL
Maharashtra RTO Code ListMH
Madhya Pradesh RTO Code ListMP
Manipur RTO Code ListMN
Meghalaya RTO Code ListML
Mizoram RTO Code ListMZ
Nagaland RTO Code ListNL
Orissa RTO Code ListOR
Punjab RTO Code ListPN
Uttarakhand RTO Code ListUK
Rajasthan RTO Code ListRJ
Sikkim RTO Code ListSK
Telangana RTO Code ListTS
Tamil Nadu RTO Code ListTN
Tripura RTO Code ListTR
Uttar Pradesh RTO Code ListUP
West Bengal RTO Code ListWB

All Union Territory RTO Registration Mark List: Here is a comprehensive compilation of registration marks for all Union Territories’ Regional Transport Offices (RTOs):

Name of the UTRTO Code
A&N Islands RTO Code ListAN
Chandigarh RTO Code ListCH
DNH and DD RTO Code ListDD
New Delhi RTO Code ListDL
Jammu and Kashmir RTO Code ListJK
Ladakh RTO Code ListLA
Lakshadweep RTO Code ListLA
Pondicherry RTO Code ListPY

Official RTO Website List

Check out the comprehensive rundown of state names along with their respective official website portals for the RTO Office below:

Name of the StateOfficial website of RTO
Andaman and Nicobar Islandsdb.and.nic.in
Arunachal Pradeshwww.arunachalpradesh.gov.in
Andhra Pradeshwww.aptransport.org
Daman and Diudaman.nic.in
Dadra and Nagar Havelidnh.nic.in/
Himachal Pradeshhimachal.nic.in
Jammu & Kashmirjaktrans.nic.in
Leh-LadakhOnline Services
Madhya Pradeshwww.transport.mp.gov.in
National Capital Territory of Delhitransport.delhi.gov.in
Tamil Nadutnsta.gov.in
Uttar Pradeshuptransport.upsdc.gov.in
West Bengaltransport.wb.gov.in

Number of RTO Office List in Indian States

Comprehensive Compilation of Vehicle Registration Offices in India: We present to you an exhaustive compendium encompassing RTOs (Regional Transport Offices), DTOs (District Transport Offices), RTAs (Regional Transport Authorities), ARTOs (Assistant Regional Transport Offices), and Unit Offices (UOs) in all the glorious states and union territories of India. This meticulously curated list has been meticulously sourced from various government websites, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. Kindly note that registration marks owned by the government have been intentionally excluded from this compilation.

Based on the data at hand, it has been determined that there are a total of 1100 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) scattered across the vast expanse of India. However, it must be noted that this number is subject to change in the near future, as there are plans underway to augment the existing count. As a result, an estimated figure of around 1400 RTOs and their associated offices are expected to be operational throughout the country.

Name of the StateRTO OfficeARTO OfficeMVI Office
Andhra Pradesh RTO Code List454432
Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code List26  
Assam RTO Code List34  
Bihar RTO Code List38289
Chhattisgarh RTO Code List2302 
Goa RTO Code List10  
Gujarat RTO Code List142201
Haryana RTO Code List97  
Himachal Pradesh RTO Code List1275 
Jharkhand RTO Code List24  
Karnataka RTO Code List4321 
Kerala RTO Code List18+146819
Maharashtra RTO Code List1535 
Madhya Pradesh RTO Code List10+3010 
Manipur RTO Code List11  
Meghalaya RTO Code List11  
Mizoram RTO Code List09  
Nagaland RTO Code List10  
Orissa RTO Code List3503 
Punjab RTO Code List1+1181 
Uttarakhand RTO Code List4+425 
Rajasthan RTO Code List1345 
Sikkim RTO Code List08  
Telangana RTO Code List35  
Tamil Nadu RTO Code List89 56
Tripura RTO Code List08  
Uttar Pradesh RTO Code List1958 
West Bengal RTO Code List3+2230 

Number of RTO Office List in Union Territories

Name of the UTRTO Office
A&N Islands RTO Code List02
Chandigarh RTO Code List01
Daman & Diu RTO Code List03
New Delhi RTO Code List13
Jammu and Kashmir RTO Code List22
Ladakh RTO Code List02
Lakshadweep RTO Code List00
Pondicherry RTO Code List07

Why RTO code is so important?

RTO code is unique alphanumerical which makes it easy to know the state and city where the vehicle is registered. Anyone can find the basic details of the vehicle is running in any corner of India.

What is the structure of the RTO code?

The first two digits denote the State and the following numbers are indicating the registration zone or area. For example, TS-09 is the Telangana RTO code. The first two digits are indicated the State of the name and the numbers are denoting the area of Central Hyderabad.

How many RTO offices in India?

India boasts an impressive count of over 1100 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) scattered across its vast expanse.

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