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KL-77 Perambra Vehicle Registration Details

KL-77 Perambra Vehicle Registration Details

KL-77 Perambra Vehicle Registration Details: Contact information for the KL 77 Perambra SRTO (Sub RTO) Vehicle Registration Code Office can be found below. This office is located in the state of Kerala, within the North Zone. The specific SRTO code for this office is KL-77. The address for the Perambra office is on the first floor of the Mini Civil Station in Perambra, with a PIN code of 673525. For any inquiries, you can reach them at the phone number 0496-2615077, or via email at kl77.mvd@kerala.gov.in. Additional information can be found on the Kerala RTO website at mvd.kerala.gov.in.

KL 77 Perambra RTO Code, Office, MVI Details

State Name Kerala
State Code KL
SRTO Zone North Zone
SRTO Code KL-77
Office Name Perambra
Office Address First Floor, Mini Civil Station, Perambra
RTO PIN  Code 673525
Phone Number 0496-2615077
Email ID kl77.mvd@kerala.gov.in
Kerala RTO Website mvd.kerala.gov.in
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KL 77 Perambra Sub-region List (Jurisdiction Area)

The KL 77 Perambra Sub-region List comprises several jurisdictions areas within its boundaries. These areas include Kuttiyadi, Kavilumpara, Maruthonkara, Velam, Chempanoda, Chakkittapara, Perambra, Changaroth, Paleri, Koothali, Koorachundu, Kayanna, Nochad, Menhanyam, Eravattur, Cheruvannur, Meppayur, Kozhukallur, Kottur, Naduvannur. Each of these areas has its own unique characteristics and features, contributing to the diverse landscape and culture of the sub-region. From the lush green fields of Kuttiyadi to the bustling streets of Perambra, each jurisdiction offers a distinct experience for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re exploring the scenic beauty of Velam or immersing yourself in the vibrant markets of Chakkittapara, the KL 77 Perambra Sub-region List promises a multitude of adventures and discoveries.

  • Kuttiyadi
  • Kavilumpara
  • Maruthonkara
  • Velam
  • Chempanoda
  • Chakkittapara
  • Perambra
  • Changaroth
  • Paleri
  • Koothali
  • Koorachundu
  • Kayanna
  • Nochad
  • Menhanyam
  • Eravattur
  • Cheruvannur
  • Meppayur
  • Kozhukallur
  • Kottur
  • Naduvannur

Kerala North Zone Kozhikode Division RTO Office List

  1. KL-11 Kozhikode
  2. KL-18 Vadakara

Kerala North Zone Kozhikode Division SRTO Office List

  1. KL-57 Koduvally
  2. KL-56 Koyilandy
  3. KL-76 Nanminda
  4. KL-77 Perambra
  5. KL-85 Ramanattukara