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RJ-01 Ajmer RTO Vehicle Registration Code Office Contact Details

RJ-01 Ajmer (Rajasthan) RTO Vehicle Registration Code and Contact Details

The registration code for vehicles in Ajmer, Rajasthan is RJ-01. If you need to contact the RTO office in Ajmer, you can find them at their address on Jaipur Road, near Victoria Hospital, Ghooghra, Ajmer. The pin code for this location is 305 023. To reach them via phone, you can dial 0145-2787047. The number plate for vehicles registered in Rajasthan will have the format RJ 01 XX XXXX. If you’re interested in obtaining the complete list of RTO codes for Rajasthan, you can download the PDF document. Similarly, if you’re looking for the RTO codes for all states in India, you can also download the PDF document.

Ajmer RTO Registration Mark Code

State Name Rajasthan
State Code RJ
Registration Mark RJ 01
Office Name Ajmer RTO Office
Office Address Jaipur Road, Near Victoria Hospital, Ghooghra, Ajmer
Pin Code 305 023
Contact Number 0145-2787047
Email ID rto.ajmer.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan Number Plate RJ 01 XX XXXX
RJ RTO Official Website transport.rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan RTO Code PDF Download
All India RTO Code PDF Download

RJ-01 Ajmer RTO Old Registration Series

In the Ajmer Regional Transport Office’s old registration series, the code RJ-01 is used to designate vehicles. This series encompasses a range of vehicles including taxi cabs, which are identified by the registration numbers RRT 7001-8000. Other vehicles within this series include those with registration codes RJZ, RSZ, RRZ, RNW, RNZ, and RPZ. Each code serves as a unique identifier for the vehicle, allowing for efficient record-keeping and identification purposes.

  • Taxi Cab: RRT 7001-8000
  • Other vehicles: RJZ, RSZ, RRZ, RNW, RNZ, RPZ

RJ-01 Ajmer RTO Jurisdiction Area List

The jurisdiction areas covered by the RJ-01 Ajmer Regional Transport Office include the vibrant city of Ajmer, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It also extends to Nasirabad, a neighboring town known for its military presence and educational institutions. The RTO’s jurisdiction further encompasses the scenic town of Shrinagar, famous for its beautiful lakes and temples. Additionally, the jurisdiction area list includes Pushkar, a spiritual destination renowned for its sacred lake and the annual Pushkar Camel Fair.

  • Ajmer
  • Nasirabad
  • Shrinagar
  • Puskar

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