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AP-305 Kathipudi RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

AP 305 Kathipudi RTO Code Details

Andhra Pradesh, a state located in southeastern India, has various regions and districts that are assigned specific RTO (Regional Transport Office) codes for administrative purposes. One such code is AP-305, which corresponds to the district of Kakinada. Within Kakinada, there is an office known as Kathipudi UO (Unit Office), which handles various tasks related to vehicle registration and licensing. Unfortunately, the specific address for this office is not currently available.

AP-305 Kathipudi UO

State Name Andhra Pradesh
RTO Code AP-305
District Name Kakinada
Office Name Kathipudi UO Office
Office Address
Official Website aptransport.org
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Kathipudi AP-305 Jurisdiction Area List

The AP-305 Kathipudi Unit Office (UO) has jurisdiction over a diverse range of areas, including Kirlampudi, Yeleswaram, Jaggampeta, Peddapuram, and Gandepalli. These mandals, located within the Kathipudi jurisdiction, are home to vibrant communities and offer a variety of landscapes and cultural experiences. From the bustling streets of Kirlampudi to the serene natural beauty of Yeleswaram, each area within the jurisdiction of AP-305 Kathipudi Unit Office contributes to the rich tapestry of this region.

The AP-305 Kathipudi Unit Office (UO) has mandals over the following areas:

  1. Kirlampudi
  2. Yeleswaram
  3. Jaggampeta
  4. Peddapuram
  5. Gandepalli

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