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AP-05 Kakinada RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

AP 05 Kakinada RTO Office Details

The Kakinada Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Andhra Pradesh can be found under the state name AP 05. This particular RTO, located in Kakinada district, operates under the name Kakinada (DTO). To pay a visit, head over to the DTO office situated at Siddartha Nagar, NFCl Road, Kakinada, Kakinada Dist. You can also reach out to them via landline at 884-2376183 or through email at dto_kakinada@aptransport.org. For more information, feel free to explore their official website, aptransport.org.

AP-05 Kakinada DTO

State Name Andhra Pradesh
RTO Code AP-05
District Name Kakinada
Office Name Kakinada (DTO)
Office Address DTO, Kakinada Siddartha Nagar, NFCl Road, Kakinada, Kakinada Dist.
Landline Number 884-2376183
Office Email dto_kakinada@aptransport.org
Official Website aptransport.org
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Kakinada AP-05 Jurisdiction Area List

The jurisdiction of the Kakinada AP-05 District Transport Office (DTO) covers a wide range of areas. These areas include Gollaprolu, Kakinada (Rural), Kakinada (Urban), Karapa, Pithapuram, Samalkota, Pedapudi, Thallarevu, Kajuluru. Within these mandals, the DTO is responsible for overseeing various transportation-related matters, ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles and maintaining the safety and efficiency of the transport system.

The AP-05 Kakinada District Transport Office (DTO) has mandals over the following areas:

  1. Gollaprolu
  2. Kakinada (Rural)
  3. Kakinada (Urban)
  4. Karapa
  5. Pithapuram
  6. Samalkota
  7. Pedapudi
  8. Thallarevu
  9. Kajuluru

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