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5911 HSN Code GST Rate, Items and Products Details

The complete details of GST Rate for 5911 HSN Code

GST HSN Number 5911 – Textile Products and Articles – 12%

Schedules II
S. No. 168
Tariff item 5911
Description of Goods Textile products and  articles, for technical uses, specified in Note 7 to this Chapter such as  Textile fabrics, felt and felt-lined woven fabrics, coated, covered or laminated with rubber,  leather or other material, of a kind used  for card clothing, and similar fabrics of a kind  used for other technical purposes, including narrow fabrics made of velvet impregnated     with rubber, for covering weaving spindles (weaving beams); Bolting cloth, whether or Not made up; Felt for cotton textile industries, woven;Woven textiles felt, whether or not impregnated or coated, of a kind commonly used in other  machines, Cotton fabrics and articles used in machinery and plant, Jute fabrics and articles used in machinery or plant, Textile fabrics of metalised yarn of a kind commonly used in paper making or other  machinery, Straining cloth of a kind used in oil presses or the like, including that of human  hair, Paper maker’s  felt, woven, Gaskets, washers, polishing discs and other machinery parts of textile articles
CGST Rate 6%
IGST Rate 12%
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