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UK RTO Code List, Office, Rules, and Check Post

UK RTO Code, UK RTO Office, UK RTO Rules, UK RTO Driving License, UK RTO Renewal 2023

In accordance with the terms of Section 133-A of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1939, the Transport Department was established in 1945. While Uttarakhand was a part of U.P. before to November 9, 2000, the date of U.P.’s reformation, it was headed by the Transport Commissioner U.P. As the state of Uttarakhand and its Transport Department, led by the Transport Commissioner, Uttarakhand, were established.

State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC), which has also been reformed in Uttarakhand as “Uttarakhand Transport Corporation,” is the other significant component of the transportation system. The Corporation of Uttarakhand started operations on October 31, 2003, and now offers services on both interstate and nationalized routes.

Nowadays, “Uttarakhand Transport Company” operates 1000 (about) buses on 35 nationalized routes as well as numerous more non-nationalized routes. Private transportation companies operate 3000 buses on non-nationalized routes, along with a few interstate lines in Uttarakhand and U.P.

Major hill roads in Uttarakhand State are serviced by buses with 166-inch wheelbases and a maximum of 50% overhang, as opposed to buses with bigger wheelbases, increased seating capacity, and a maximum of 60% overhang on plain routes.

Learner License in Uttarakhand

One has to apply before the License Authority along with the following documents

1. Application in Form No.2.
2. Medical Certificate in Form No. 1-A.
3. Three copies of Passport photographs.
4. Fees specified rule-81.
5. Proof of age & address.

UK Vehicle Registration Owner Details 2023

Name of Department UK Road Transport
Registration Authority Uttarakhand RTO Office
Identify basic details License & Vehicle Registration
Official Website transport.uk.gov.in
Registration Details Uttarakhand RTO 2023

Permanent Driving License in Uttarakhand

One has to apply before the licensing Authority along with the following documents:

1. Application in Form No. 4.
2. Learner License.
3. Three copies of passport photographs.
4. Driving Certificate in form-5 issued by approved Training School (Compulsory for Transport Vehicle License)
5. Fees as specified in Rule-81.

Renewal of Driving License in Uttarakhand

One has to apply to the Licensing Authority along with the following documents:

1. Application in Form.9.
2. Permanent Driving License.
3. Medical Certificate in Form 1-A.
4. Three copies of passport photographs.
5. Fees as specified in rule-81.

Check These Updates on RTO Code List 2023

Uttarakhand RTO Code 2023

In Uttarakhand RTO, you may easily register a vehicle from any location inside the state. For all types of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, tractors, and lorries, the list includes Uttarakhand RTO codes. With this code, one can learn more about their local Uttarakhand regional transport office, including its address and contact information for inquiries or other details for registering a car at a Uttarakhand RTO. You typically need to provide documentation of your residence, such as an electricity bill, bank statement, or driver’s license, in order to obtain a new registration number. Prior to receiving the registration number you desire for your vehicle’s license plates, you must also present Uttarakhand RTO offices with copies of appropriate insurance documents.

UK01 District Name Almora RTO
UK02 District Name Bageshwar RTO
UK03 District Name Champawat RTO
UK04 District Name Nainital RTO
UK05 District Name Pithoragarh RTO
UK06 District Name Udham Singh Nagar RTO
UK07 District Name Dehradun RTO
UK08 District Name Haridwar RTO
UK09 District Name Tehri RTO
UK10 District Name Uttarkashi RTO
UK11 District Name Karanprayag, Chamoli RTO
UK12 District Name Pauri RTO
UK13 District Name Rudraprayag RTO
UK14 District Name Rishikesh, RTO
UK15 District Name Pauri RTO
UK16 District Name Vikas Nagar RTO
UK17 District Name Roorkee RTO
UK18 District Name Kashipur RTO

Latest Updates on UK RTO Code 2023

How many RTO offices are in UK?

There are 18 RTO offices in UK.

How to find vehicle owner details in UK?

In Uttarakhand, there is a procedure for checking the vehicle owner’s details. Select the vehicle details option. Enter all of the information Registration, chassis, and engine numbers are all required. By choosing Verify details, you can display the details of your vehicle on the screen.

How to know my RTO office in Uttarakhand?

If you’re looking for your Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Uttarakhand, it’s quite easy! Check online for the address and contact details. Each of the 18 RTO offices in Uttarakhand is assigned a unique number, so it’s easy to locate yours. All you need to do is find the RTO in your district and visit in person.

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