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Thaipusam 2023 Date and Time

Thaipusam Date and Time 2023

Thaipusam is a Hindu holiday celebrated on the full moon of the Tamil month Thai. It is mostly observed by the Tamil community in India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. The event commemorates the slaying of the demon Soorapadman by the Hindu god Murugan. Thaipusam will be observed in India on February 5th, 2023. Legend has it that the Thai month of the Hindu calendar is exceptionally auspicious. Devotees carry kavadis (decorated wooden or metal frames) as they walk barefoot from temples to shrines throughout the festival. The Kavadis are frequently ornamented with flowers and fruits, and as a sort of penance, some devotees stab their bodies with needles. Devotees present their Kavadis to Murugan at the shrine at the end of the celebration.

Thaipusam in Palani 2023

Thaipusam is a Hindu holiday observed mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon of Thai, the Tamil month. Thai Poosam and Thai Pushpam are other names for the celebration. Thaipusam commemorates Lord Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati. Lord Murugan’s other names include Kartikeya and Subramanya. He is the Tamil people’s patron god. Thaipusam is celebrated as a day of thankfulness for Lord Murugan’s favors.

“Thaipusam” is formed from the Tamil terms “Thai,” which means “ten,” and “Poosam,” which means “full moon day.” This celebration celebrates the time when Goddess Parvati gave Lord Murugan a spear so he could defeat the monster Soorapadman. The most important aspect of Thaipusam is a parade that begins at dawn at the temple and culminates at a hilltop shrine. As a sacrifice to Lord Murugan, worshippers bring Kavadis, which are decorative structures constructed of wood and metal. The Kavadis are frequently fairly heavy, and some devotees even use them to puncture their bodies as a form of penance.

History of Thaipusam in Tamil Nadu

This famed Palani festival lasts ten days and is celebrated by a flag-hoisting ritual at the Perianayaki Amman shrine. On the sixth day, Lord Murugan is seen in procession, atop the Silver Car, with Valli and Deyvaanai. On the 7th day of the festival, thousands of devotees gather in the ‘Thai Ther’ Rathorchavam at the Adivaram. Flowers, sugar, water, delicate coconuts, milk, and holy water are brought to Lord Murugan as a show of devotion. Lord Dhandayuthapani can be seen riding his ‘Thanga Ther’ Golden Chariot on the hills on the seventh day. Thai Poosam is considered Palani’s most important event, with an estimated 3-5 lakh visitors to the temple.

Thaipusam Festival 2023 Kerala

Kerala puts on a grand celebration during the Thaipusam holiday. For the people of Kerala, it is a very significant holiday that is observed with tremendous devotion. On the full moon day of the Thai month, a festival is held in remembrance of Lord Murugan. As a show of their devotion to Lord Murugan, devotees offer prayers and carry Kavadis (burdens) on this day. Additionally, they gift the deity fruits and flowers while taking a sacred bath in the Ganges. For all visitors to Kerala, the Thaipusam festival is a must-see since it is so brilliant and colorful.

2023 Koorkenchery Pooyam Dates

On the day of Thaipusam, Keralans celebrate the Koorkenchery Pooyam celebration. As the son of Shiva and Parvati, Lord Murugan is honored at this festival. Hindus all across the world celebrate the holiday, but South India places a special emphasis on it. The event typically takes place on the day of the full moon in the Thai month of (January–February), however, the precise date changes from year to year. The festival will be observed on February 12 in 2023.

Devotees would congregate on this day at the Koorkenchery temple to pray and participate in various rites. Many of them will also travel to the Palani Hills, where Murugan is thought to reside, as part of their pilgrimage. As a kind of self-mortification during the festival, devotees frequently pierce their bodies with needles or hooks. They do this to demonstrate their devotion to Murugan and ask for his blessings. The Koorkenchery Pooyam is a significant Hindu event and a wonderful opportunity to observe some of the distinctive traditions and rituals of this faith.

Tamil Calendar Thaipusam 2023

5 February 2023 (Sunday) is a holiday for Thaipusam in Tamil Nadu.

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