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SK RTO Code List, Office, Rules, and Check Post

SK RTO Code, SK RTO Office, SK RTO Rules, SK RTO Driving License, SK RTO Renewal 2023

Sikkim State Transport, a kind of motor transportation, was first implemented in Sikkim in 1944. The Sikkim nationalized transport department was subsequently given this name in 1955. In Sikkim, the transport industry is directly managed by the government department known as the Transport Department, in contrast to other states where road transportation firms are in charge of this.

Prior to 1975, all passengers and commodities were solely transported by SNT buses or trucks or under its control because the majority of routes within the State were nationalized. The Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988’s extension and implementation, however, have now dilute the system. Since the State of Sikkim’s Motor Vehicle Division is a component section of the Transport Department.

Driving licenses in Sikkim

Sections 1 to 11 of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules 3 to 21 of the CMVR, 1989 read together with Rules 3 to 19 of the SMVR, 1991 govern the issuance of driving license’s. The Motor Vehicles Department of the State of Sikkim issues driving license’s through its four Regional Transport Offices.

With a strong commitment to using SARATHI software, the project “Comprehensive e-Governance Solution in the Transport Sector” was created. Sarathi is responsible for handling driving license processing and related tasks. It can be used to provide the applicant a learner’s license, a permanent driving license, a conductor license, as well as a license for a driving school.

SK Vehicle Registration Owner Details 2023

Name of Department SK Road Transport
Registration Authority Sikkim RTO Office
Identify basic details License & Vehicle Registration
Official Website sikkim.gov.in/departments/transport-department
Registration Details Sikkim RTO 2023

Sikkim Vehicle Registration

The main responsibilities of the Motor Vehicles Division, which is a division of the Transport Department of the Government of Sikkim, include enforcing and implementing the laws related to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, the Sikkim Motor Vehicle Rules of 1991, the Sikkim Motor Vehicles (Taxation) Act of 1982, and the registration of motor vehicles, the issuance of driving license’s and other permits, the collection of vehicle taxes, among other things. The following tasks have been assigned to the Motor Vehicles Division in accordance with the Government of Sikkim (Allocation of Business).

i. Registration of motor vehicles.
ii. Issue of route permits to transport vehicles.
iii. Issue of driving licenses.
iv. Issue of fitness certificate.
v. Collection of motor vehicle road tax.
vi. Meeting of State Transport Authority.
vii. Collection of Government revenue by way of various types of fees from vehicle owners.
viii. Recommendation of countersignature of permit to Sikkim based vehicles for plying in West Bengal.
ix. Countersignature of permit to West Bengal public carriers and stage carriages/contract carriages under Reciprocal Transport Agreement.
x. All matters relating to Inter-State Transport Arrangement.
xi. Enforcement of provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, Sikkim Motor Vehicle Rules, 1991 and Sikkim Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1982.
xii. Control of all State Transport undertakings.
xiii. Public service-statutory rules of the services with which the department is concerned.
xiv. Transport Policy.

Online Permit for Sikkim

Contract Carriages (Maxi Cab), Luxury Tourist Vehicles, Stage Carriage, and Goods Carrier Permits are all issued by the Motor Vehicles Division. These license’s are given by the State Transport Authority, which was established in accordance with section 68 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Local taxi permits have been banned in Gangtok and its surrounding suburbs, including Penlong-fatak in the north, Ranipool-Rumtek in the south, and Rongey in the east, until the parking infrastructure is improved.

Check These Updates on RTO Code List 2023

Sikkim RTO Code 2023

This Sikkim RTO means that you can get a vehicle registration without much trouble from anywhere in the state. The list includes Sikkim RTO codes for all vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, tractors, and trucks. This code can be used to locate their local Sikkim regional transport office, including its address and phone numbers for inquiries or other information for registering a car at a Sikkim RTO. When applying for a new registration number, you must normally provide proof of residency, such as an electricity bill, bank statement, or driver’s license. Before you may receive the registration number you wish on your vehicle plates, you must to provide proper insurance paperwork to Sikkim RTO offices.

SK01 State East Sikkim RTO
SK02 State West Sikkim RTO
SK03 State North Sikkim RTO
SK04 State South Sikkim RTO

Latest Updates on SK RTO Code 2023

How many RTO offices are in SK?

There are 04 RTO offices in SK.

How to find vehicle owner details in SK?

In Sikkim, there is a procedure for checking the vehicle owner’s details. Select the vehicle details option. Enter all of the information Registration, chassis, and engine numbers are all required. By choosing Verify details, you can display the details of your vehicle on the screen.

How to know my RTO office in Sikkim?

If you’re looking for your Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Sikkim, it’s quite easy! Check online for the address and contact details. Each of the 04 RTO offices in Sikkim is assigned a unique number, so it’s easy to locate yours. All you need to do is find the RTO in your district and visit in person.

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