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RJ-19 Jodhpur RTO Vehicle Registration Code Office Contact Details

RJ-19 Jodhpur (Rajasthan) RTO Vehicle Registration Code and Contact Details

Jodhpur, a city located in the royal state of Rajasthan, bears the vehicle registration code RJ-19. If you ever find yourself in need of contacting Jodhpur’s RTO office, rest assured that their contact details are readily available. The registration mark for vehicles in this region proudly displays the initials RJ followed by the number 19. The esteemed Jodhpur RTO Office is conveniently situated in BJS Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, with a pin code of 342006. To reach out to them directly, you can dial their contact numbers at 0291-2544191 or 2540226. Additionally, you may also communicate with them via email by reaching out to rto.jodhpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in. When it comes to vehicles registered in Rajasthan, their number plates bear the distinctive pattern of RJ 19 XX XXXX.

Jodhpur RTO Registration Mark Code

State Name Rajasthan
State Code RJ
Registration Mark RJ 19
Office Name Jodhpur RTO Office
Office Address RTO Office, BJS Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Pin Code 342006
Contact Number 0291-2544191, 2540226
Email ID rto.jodhpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan Number Plate RJ 19 XX XXXX
RJ RTO Official Website transport.rajasthan.gov.in
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RJ-19 Jodhpur RTO Old Registration Series

In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, the RTO (Regional Transport Office) has a historic registration series known as RJ-19. This series is associated with various types of vehicles, including taxi cabs and other vehicles. The taxi cabs in this series have registration numbers ranging from RST 4001 to RST 5000. As for the other vehicles in this series, their registration numbers follow different combinations such as RJQ, RSQ, RRQ, RSN, RRN, RNJ, RNM, RNN, RNQ, RNS, RPK, and RPL. These registration series serve as unique identifiers for vehicles in the Jodhpur region.

  • Taxi Cab: RST 4001-5000
  • Other vehicles: RJQ, RSQ, RRQ, RSN, RRN, RNJ, RNM, RNN, RNQ, RNS, RPK, RPL

RJ-19 Jodhpur RTO Jurisdiction Area List

The RJ-19 Jodhpur RTO Jurisdiction Area List includes a wide range of areas under its jurisdiction. These areas consist of Jodhpur, Balesar, Baori, Bapini, Bhopalgarh, Bilara, Dechu, Luni, Mandore, Osian, Pipar, Shekhala, Shergarh, and Tinwari. Each of these areas has its own unique characteristics and attractions that make them integral parts of the Jodhpur region. From the bustling streets of Jodhpur to the serene beauty of Osian, each area offers its own distinct charm and allure. Whether you’re exploring the historical landmarks of Mandore or experiencing the vibrant culture of Bilara, the RJ-19 Jodhpur RTO Jurisdiction Area List encompasses a diverse range of locations that are waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

  • Jodhpur
  • Balesar
  • Baori
  • Bapini
  • Bhopalgarh
  • Bilara
  • Dechu
  • Luni
  • Mandore
  • Osian
  • Pipar
  • Shekhala
  • Shergarh
  • Tinwari