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List of CSD URC Canteen List Download

List of CSD URC Canteen List PDF Download

List of CSD URC Canteen List: Introducing the comprehensive directory of Unit Run Canteens (URCs) in lieu of Canteen Stores Department (CSD) Depots. In a bid to enhance the convenience of purchasing AFD-I items such as cars, bikes, scooters, air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, and more, the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) has recently launched a cutting-edge web portal called afd.csdindia.gov.in. This online store eliminates the need for customers to travel from their homes or offices to the CSD Depot Canteen, which is typically located at the headquarters. With the online store, CSD customers can now enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

However, it is important to note that after making a payment on the CSD AFD Portal, customers must visit one of the nearest CSD Unit Run Canteens to collect their Local Supply Order (LS Order). To simplify this process, we have compiled a carefully curated list of CSD URC Canteens across the country. Take a moment to find your nearest CSD URC canteen, handpicked by the esteemed Canteen Stores Department (CSD).

Procedure wrt Sale of AFD-I Items Through Select Unit Run Canteen in Lieu of CSD Depots

Latest CSD URC Canteen List in Tamil Nadu

S No Name of Station Nominated URCs
1 Chennai URC, HQ Dakshin Bharat Area, Chennai
2 Chennai Station Canteen, Chennai
3 Chennai URC, OTA, Chennai
4 Chennai URC, Air Force Station, Tambaram
5 Chennai URC, INS Adyar
6 Vellore Golden Palm Canteen, Vellore
7 Trichy Golden Palm Canteen, Trichy
8 Tirunelveli Golden Palm Canteen, Tirunelveli
9 Wellington Station Canteen, Wellington
10 Wellington URC, DSSC, Wellington
11 Coimbatore Station Canteen, Coimbatore
12 Coimbatore URC, AFAC Coimbatore
13 Thanjavur URC, 47 Wing Air Force Thanjavur

Latest List of CSD AFD URC Canteen List in Kerala

14 Thiruvananthapuram Station Canteen, Thiruvananthapuram
15 Thiruvananthapuram URC, HQ SAC(U), Air Force Thiruvananthapuram
16 Kannur DSC Canteen, Kannur
17 Ezhimala, Kerala URC, INS Zamorin
18 Calicut Golden Palm Canteen, Calicut
19 Kochi INCS Kochi

Latest List of CSD AFD URC Canteen List in Karnataka

20 Belagavi URC, Station HQ, Belagavi
21 Belagavi URC, Air Force Station, Belagavi
22 Bidar URC, Air Force Station, Bidar
23 Karwar INCS Karwar
24 Bengaluru Golden Palm Canteen, Bengaluru
25 Bengaluru ASC Centre & College Canteen Bengaluru
26 Bengaluru PRTC Canteen, Bengaluru
27 Bengaluru URC, HQ Training Command, IAF Bengaluru
28 Mysuru URC, 2 AFSB Mysuru

Latest List of CSD AFD URC Canteen List in Andhra Pradesh

29 Secunderabad/Hyderabad URC (Main), HQ TASA, Secunderabad
30 Secunderabad/Hyderabad URC, 1 EME Centre, Secunderabad
31 Secunderabad/Hyderabad URC, Arty Centre, Secunderabad
32 Secunderabad/Hyderabad URC, MCEME, Secunderabad
33 Secunderabad/Hyderabad URC, Air Force Station, Begumpet
34 Suryalanka URC, Air Force Station, Suryalanka
35 Vishakapatnam INCS Vishakapatnam

Latest List of CSD AFD URC Canteen List in Maharashtra

36 Mumbai Area Canteen, Colaba
37 Mumbai INCS Mumbai
38 Thane URC, 26 Wing Air Force, Thane
39 Nagpur Station Canteen, Nagpur
URC, HQ Maintenance Command Air Force Nagpur
41 Devlai/Nashik Road URC, Arty Centre, Nashik Road
42 Nashik URC, 11 BRD, Air Force, Nashik
43 Pulgaon URC, Station HQ, Pulgaon
44 Pune ESM URC, HQ DM Sub Area, Pune
URC, 2 Wing Air Force. Pune
46 Satara DM Sub Area ESM URC, Satara
47 Karad DM Sub Area ESM URC, Karad
48 Chiplun DM Sub Area ESM URC, Chiplun
49 Kavathe Mahakal DM Sub Area ESM URC, Kavathe Mahakal
50 Bhuj URC, 27 Wing Air Force. Bhuj
51 Jamnagar URC, 33 Wing Air Force, Jamnagar
52 Vadodara URC, 617 (I) AD Bde Camp, Vadodara
53 Ahmedabad/ Gandhinagar URC, HQ 11 Inf Div, Ahmedabad
URC, HQ SWAC, Gandhinagar
55 Sri Ganganagar Amogh URC, Sri Ganganagar
56 Kota Gandiv URC, Kota
57 Bikaner URC, HQ 24 Inf Div, Bikaner
58 Jodhpur Konark URC, Jodhpur
59 Jaisalmer URC, HQ 140 Armd Bde, Jaisalmer
URC, 41 Wing Air Force, Jaisalmer
61 Jalipa Bogra URC, Jalipa
62 Jaipur Sapta Shakti Canteen, Jaipur
63 Mathura Strike One Canteen, Mathura
64 Alwar Station Canteen (Arty Div), Alwar
65 Talbehat URC, 373 Arty Bde
66 Bhopal Sub Area URC, Bhopal
67 Sagar HQ 36 RAPID(S)/ Hawk URC, Sagar
68 Jhansi URC, HQ 31 Armd Div (Rewa URC) Jhansi
69 Morar Cantt Station URC, Morar Cantt
70 Hindon URC, 28 Wing Air Force, Hindon
71 Hissar DOT URC, Hissar
72 Bhatinda Chetak URC, Bhatinda
73 Ambala URC, 47 Wing Air Force, Ambala
GLC, Ambala
75 Adampur URC, 8 Wing Air Force, Adampur
76 Halwara URC, 9 Wing Air Force, Halwara
77 Chandigarh/Mohali URC, Chandimandir, HQ Western Command
URC, Mohali, HQ Western Command
79 Shimla URC, HQ ARTRAC, Shimla
80 Pathankot URC, 18 Wing Air Force, Pathankot
URC, 21 Sub Area, Pathankot
81 Udhampur URC, 39 Wing Air Force, Udhampur
82 Sirsa URC, 45 Wing Air Force, Sirsa
83 Nal URC, 46 Wing Air Force, Nal
84 Amritsar URC, 230 SU Air Force, Amritsar
Panther Canteen, Amritsar
86 Patiala Airawat URC, Patiala
URC, HQ 43 Armd Bde
URC, HQ 98 Armd Bde
89 Nabha Station Canteen, Nabha
90 Sangrur BE URC, Sangrur
91 Jalandhar Vajra Station Canteen, Jalandhar
Vajra Golden Lion Canteen, Jalandhar
93 Beas DV Canteen HQ, 55 (I) Mech Bde
94 Gurdaspur Bhola Ka Bhag Canteen, HQ 86 Inf Bde
95 Ferozepur Golden Arrow Canteen, Ferozepur
96 Hoshiarpur Topchi Canteen, Hoshiarpur
97 Nawanshar Sub Joginder Singh, PVC Canteen, Nawanshar
98 Ludhinana Vayu Rakshak Canteen, Ludhiana
99 Una (HP) Akash Canteen, Una
100 Sarkaghat(HP) Sarvatra Canteen, Sarkaghat (HP)
101 Satwari Tiger Canteen, Satwari
102 Unchibassi URC, 18 FAD, Unchibassi
103 Dehra Gopipur ESM Canteen, Dehra Gopipur
104 Yol Cantt RS URC, Yol Cantt
105 Mamun Gurj URC, Mamun
106 Raipur URC, HQ C&O Sub Area, Raipur
107 Bhubaneshwar URC, 120 Inf Bn (TA), Bhubaneshwar
108 Gopalpur URC, Army AD Centre Gopalpur
109 Varanasi URC, 39 Gorkha Training Centre, Varanasi
110 Kunraghat URC, Gorkha Recruiting Depot, Kunraghat
111 Allahabad Sub Area Canteen, Allahabad
Red Eagle Canteen, Allahabad
112 Faizabad URC, Dogra Regimenal Centre, Faizabad
113 Gaya URC, OTA Gaya
114 Danapur URC, J&B Sub Area, Danapur
115 Muzzaffarpur URC, 151 INF Bn (TA), Muzaffarpur
116 Bihta URC, 6 CMU IAF, Bihta
117 Jabalpur URC, MB Area (Cobra Canteen), Jabalpur
118 Ranchi URC, HQ 17 Corps, Ranchi
Cockarel Canteen, Ranchi
120 Mhow URC, Station HQ, Mhow
121 Lucknow URC, HQ Madhya UP Sub Area, Lucknow
Surya URC, Lucknow
123 Bareilly URC, HQ UB Area, Bareilly
124 Kanpur URC, COD, Kanpur
URC, Air Force Station, Kanpur
126 Dalhausie URC, 740 SU Air Force, Dalhausie
127 Dehradun URC, HQ Uttarakhand Sub Area, Dehradun
128 Ramgarh Punjab Regiment Centre
129 Bamrauli URC, 29 Wing Air Force, Bamrauli
130 Meerut URC, HQ Paschim UP Sub Area, Meerut
131 Pithoragarh URC, HQ 119 (I) Inf Bde Gp, Pithoragarh
132 Joshimath URC, HQ 9 (I) Mtn Bde Gp, Joshimath
133 Haldwani Station URC, 5685 ASC Bn, Haldwani
134 Lansdowne URC, GRRC, Lansdowne
135 Rudraprayag URC, Rudraprayag Bn (To be handed Over on relief)
136 Uttarkashi URC, Harsil Bn (To be handed over on relief)
137 Almora URC, Ex 99 Mtn Bde (To be handed over on relief)
138 Fategarh URC, Rajput Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh
139 Upper Shillong/ Happy Valley Shillong URC, HQ EAC (U) Air Force
URC, HQ 101 Area
URC, Assam Regimental Centre
142 Kalaikunda URC, 5 Wing Air Force, Kalaikunda
143 Jorhat URC, 10 Wing Air Force, Jorhat
144 Chabua URC, 14 Wing Air Force, Chabua
145 Guwahati URC, 19 Wing Air Foce, Guwahati
Rhino Canteen, HQ 41 Sub Area
147 Bagdogra URC, 20 Wing Air Force, Bagdogra
148 Purnea URC, 14 FBSU Air Force, Purnea
149 Kumbhigram / Masimpur URC, 22 Wing Air Force, Kumbhigram
URC, Station HQ, Masimpur
151 Port Blair URC, HQ AFC (URC Code 518) Port Blair
152 Kolkata URC, Fort William
URC, INS Netaji Subhash
URC, HQ Bengal Sub Area
155 Barackpore Station URC, Barackpore
156 Kanchrapara Station URC, Kanchrapara
157 Dimapur Spear Canteen
158 Dinjan DAO Canteen
159 Leimakhong Red Shield URC
160 Likabali URC, HQ 56 Inf Div
161 Agartala URC, HQ 57 Arty Bde
162 Zakhama URC, HQ 44 Mtn Bde
163 Bishenpur URC, HQ 73 Mtn Bde Camp
164 Aizwal URC, 457 Field Hospital
165 Tezpur Gajraj URC
166 Panagarh URC, HQ 59 Inf Div
167 Nabagram URC, HQ 788 (I) AD Bde
168 Sukhna Subhiksha URC, 33 CSR
169 Gangtok URC, 517 ASC Bn
170 Binaguri URC, HQ 20 Mtn Div
171 Ranchi HQ 23 Inf Div
172 Sevoke Road URC, HQ 100 Mtn Bde
173 Darjeeling URC, HQ 123 Mtn Bde
174 Bengdubi URC, HQ 111 Sub Area
175 Katihar URC, Station HQ, Katihar
176 Narangi Station URC, HQ 51 Sub Area
177 Ranchi MH, Namkum
178 Ambala HQ Ambala Sub Area
179 Delhi AFS Race Course
180 Delhi HQ Delhi Area Taurus Station Canteen
181 Tughlakabad AFS
182 Delhi Raj RIF Regimental Centre Delhi
183 Delhi Western Air Command Delhi

What is URC?

The full form of URC is ‘Unit Run Canteen’.

What is URC code in CSD Canteen?

A unique number for the products selling in the URC canteen.

How many URC canteens in India?

Approximately 3790 Unit Run Canteens (URC) are functioning under Canteen Stores Department (CSD).

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