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KL-75 Thriprayar RTO Vehicle Registration Office Area District Details

KL 75 Thriprayar SRTO (Sub RTO) Vehicle Registration Code Office Contact Details

Contact information for the KL 75 Thriprayar SRTO (Sub RTO) Vehicle Registration Code Office can be found below. This office falls under the Central Zone I of the State Transport Regional Transport Office (SRTO) in Kerala. The specific code for this office is KL-75. The name of the office is Thriprayar, and it is located at Mini Civil Station, Nattika, Thriprayar, with a PIN code of 680567. If you need to get in touch with them, you can reach them at the phone number 04872-396575 or via email at kl75.mvd@kerala.gov.in. For more information about the Kerala RTO, you can visit their website at mvd.kerala.gov.in.

KL 75 Thriprayar RTO Code, Office, MVI Details

State Name Kerala
State Code KL
SRTO Zone Central Zone I
SRTO Code KL-75
Office Name Thriprayar
Office Address Mini Civil Station, Nattika, Thriprayar
RTO PIN  Code 680567
Phone Number 04872-396575
Email ID kl75.mvd@kerala.gov.in
Kerala RTO Website mvd.kerala.gov.in
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KL 75 Thriprayar Sub-region List (Jurisdiction Area)

The KL 75 Thriprayar Sub-region List, which encompasses a specific jurisdiction area, comprises the following locations: Karamukku, Manaloor, Kodannur, Avinissery, Palissery, Venginissery, Anthikad, Pullu, Kizhakkummuri, Oorakom, Kurumpilavu, Inchamudi, Arattupuzha, Padiyam, Chevur, Paralam, Pallipuram, Vallachira, Chazhoor, Alappad, Vadakkummuri, Cherpu, Thanniyam, Kizhupillikkara, Kundaliyur, Engandiyur, Vadanappally, Thalikulam, Nattika, Valappad. These diverse and vibrant locations offer a multitude of cultural experiences, from the serene beauty of Karamukku to the bustling streets of Avinissery. Each of these places has its own unique charm and attractions, making them must-visit destinations for anyone exploring the Thriprayar region.

  • Karamukku
  • Manaloor
  • Kodannur
  • Avinissery
  • Palissery
  • Venginissery
  • Anthikad
  • Pullu
  • Kizhakkummuri
  • Oorakom
  • Kurumpilavu
  • Inchamudi
  • Arattupuzha
  • Padiyam
  • Chevur
  • Paralam
  • Pallipuram
  • Vallachira
  • Chazhoor
  • Alappad
  • Vadakkummuri
  • Cherpu
  • Thanniyam
  • Kizhupillikkara
  • Kundaliyur
  • Engandiyur
  • Vadanappally
  • Thalikulam
  • Nattika
  • Valappad

Kerala Central Zone-I Thrissur Division RTO Office List

  1. Thrissur DTC Office
  2. KL-08 Thrissur

Kerala Central Zone-I Thrissur Division SRTO Office List

  1. KL-45 Irinjalakkuda
  2. KL-46 Guruvayoor
  3. KL-47 Kodungalloor
  4. KL-48 Vadakancherry
  5. KL-64 Chalakkudy
  6. KL-75 Thriprayar