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GJ RTO Code List, Office, Rules, and Check Post

GJ RTO Code, GJ RTO Office, GJ RTO Rules, GJ RTO Driving License, GJ RTO Renewal 2023

The Transport Department of the Government of Gujarat is tasked with the responsibility of providing an effective public transportation system, controlling vehicular pollution, registering vehicles in Gujarat, issuing driving licences, issuing a variety of permits, and collecting road taxes. Additionally, this department is responsible for the control of vehicular pollution. The department is also responsible for the formulation of policies, the coordination of their execution, the monitoring of their progress, and the regulatory oversight of any and all elements of transport in Gujarat.

When it comes to the formation of policies and the carrying out of those policies, the Government of Gujarat is in charge of regulating the Transport Department. The Transport Commissioner, who is also the Chief of the Transport Department, is the one in charge of administration for the Department.

Driving License Online Gujarat

An applicant is required to obtain a learning license in order to get new driving license.
For both a learning licence and a driving licence, an applicant must fill out Form No.2/4 and attach Form No.1(A), which is a medical certificate. In case a person wants to obtain driving license for transport goods vehicle, & to get online appointment or for further details please visit :https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/

Renewal or Duplicate of DL in Gujarat

  • The date on the driver’s licence is the last day it can be used.
  • When you need to renew your driver’s licence, you have 30 days to do so.
  • If a driver’s licence holder comes to renew it within 5 years of the date it expired, he doesn’t have to take a test, but his licence is only good from the date he renewed it.
  • To renew a driver’s licence, you should fill out Form-9 and send it with the original licence.
  • https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ External site that opens in a new window
  • If the applicant is over 50 years old or wants to renew their licence to drive a transport vehicle, they need to show a Form-1-A Medical Certificate.
  • If the application is made within the time frame, a fee of Rs.50/- and a smart card fee of Rs.200/- must be paid.
  • For every year of delay, you have to pay an extra Rs. 50/-.
  • If the original driver’s licence is from another RTO or state, the N.O.C. from that RTO should be included.

Vehicle Registration in Gujarat

Procedure of Registration of Vehicle in Gujarat

  • The R.T.O. where the owner lives or works registers a new car.
  • After submitting Form No. 20 online, submit it to the R.T.O.
  • State-authorized dealers can inspect two-wheelers and cars. If the dealer issues a certificate, attach it to the application; otherwise, the car must be brought to R.T.O.
  • If all papers connected to Form-20 are correct, a registration number is assigned to the vehicle.
  • Unless the owner pays a price to pick a number, the computer assigns a random number.
  • Vehicle owners receive registration numbers by SMS or email.
  • The Form applicant’s speed-post address receives the vehicle’s smart R.C. Book.

GJ Vehicle Registration Owner Details 2023

Name of Department GJ Road Transport
Registration Authority Gujarat RTO Office
Identify basic details License & Vehicle Registration
Official Website cot.gujarat.gov.in
Registration Details Gujarat RTO 2023

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle in Gujarat

  • In order to change ownership of a vehicle, you are required to submit an application using Form-29 and Form-30, as well as a print of the chassis number using a pencil.
  • The application for a change of ownership should be made using Form 31 in the case of a change of ownership due to an inheritance, and Form 32 should be used in the case of a change of ownership owing to a public auction.
  • Proof of identity and address must also be included, in addition to the original R.C. Book, Insurance Certificate, and P.U.C. Certificate that must be submitted to the application.
  • As a transfer fee, you will need to pay Rs.150/- if the vehicle in question has two wheels, and Rs.300/- if the vehicle in question is a motor automobile.
  • Transfer tax shall be paid in the amount of a lump payment equal to 15% of the initial lump sum tax. however, if the vehicle is older than eight years, the transfer tax should be equal to 1% of the vehicle’s value or Rs.100/- whichever is higher.

Check These Updates on RTO Code List 2023

Gujarat RTO Code List 2023

The Gujarat RTO code list is essential for RTO contact. It contains all RTO information, including jurisdiction and contact information. This simplifies contacting the right office and getting answers immediately. The list also makes Gujarat RTOs and their jurisdictions more visible. This helps people find the right office for transport-related questions and services. It reduces misunderstanding and raises awareness of the state’s RTOs.

RTO Code RTO Name
GJ-01 Which City Ahmedabad RTO
GJ-02 Which City Mehsana RTO
GJ-03 Which City Rajkot RTO
GJ-04 Which City Bhavnagar RTO
GJ-05 Which City Surat RTO
GJ-06 Which City Vadodara RTO
GJ-07 Which City Nadiad RTO
GJ-08 Which City Banaskantha RTO
GJ-09 Which City Sabarkantha RTO
GJ-10 Which City Jamnagar RTO
GJ-11 Which City Junagadh RTO
GJ-12 Which City Bhuj-kachchh RTO
GJ-13 Which City Surendrangar RTO
GJ-14 Which City Amreli RTO
GJ-15 Which City Valsad RTO
GJ-16 Which City Bharuch RTO
GJ-17 Which City Godhra RTO
GJ-18 Which City Gandhinagar RTO
GJ-19 Which City Bardoli RTO
GJ-20 Which City Dahod RTO
GJ-21 Which City Navsari RTO
GJ-22 Which City Narmada RTO
GJ-23 Which City Anand RTO
GJ-24 Which City Patan RTO
GJ-25 Which City Porbandar RTO
GJ-26 Which City Vyara RTO
GJ-27 Which City Ahmedabad (East) RTO
GJ-30 Which City Aahwa RTO
GJ-31 Which City Arvalli RTO
GJ-32 Which City Girsomnath RTO
GJ-33 Which City Botad RTO
GJ-34 Which City Chhota Udaipur RTO
GJ-35 Which City Mahisagar RTO
GJ-36 Which City Morbi RTO
GJ-37 Which City Devbhoomi Dwarka RTO
GJ-38 Which City Ahmedabad Bavla RTO

Latest Updates on GJ RTO Code 2023

How many RTO offices are in GJ?

There are 38 RTO offices in GJ.

How to find vehicle owner details in GJ?

In Gujarat, there is a procedure for checking the vehicle owner’s details. Select the vehicle details option. Enter all of the information Registration, chassis, and engine numbers are all required. By choosing Verify details, you can display the details of your vehicle on the screen.

How to know my RTO office in Gujarat?

If you’re looking for your Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Gujarat, it’s quite easy! Check online for the address and contact details. Each of the 38 RTO offices in Gujarat is assigned a unique number, so it’s easy to locate yours. All you need to do is find the RTO in your district and visit in person.

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