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Details of CSD Canteen Index Code 64147

✓Canteen Stores Department (CSD) Index Code is a very important aspect to indicate the product or item of nomenclature.

Details of CSD Index Code Number 64147

  • Name of Firm: Honda Cars India Ltd
  • Index No.: 64147
  • Nomenclature: Honda WR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl
  • Bharat Stage: BS6
  • CC: 1498
  • Type: DIESEL

What is CSD index code?

A five-digit number that indicates the nomenclature of the product created by the Canteen Stores Department.

What is the CSD price?

CSD Price is nothing but the price fixed after reduction of GST and it will be lower than the open market.

What are CSD products?

CSD is selling more than 5300 products to 12 million consumers. CSD sells everything from the soap we use every day to big cars.

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