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CSD Canteen Code List for Chimney Products

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) Index Code List

A detailed list of Index Code for Chimney in Canteen Stores Department (CSD)

CSD Code for Glen Chimney

  • CSD Code 67526: Glen Chimney Hood GL 6021 Stainless Steel 60
  • CSD Code 67527: Glen Chimney Hood GL 6022 Glass 60
  • CSD Code 67528: Glen Chimney Hood GL 6023 Curved Glass 60

CSD Code for Sunflame Chimney

  • CSD Code 67495: Sunflame Electric Cooker Hood (Chimney) Tulip 60 S/S Bf
  • CSD Code 67499: Sunflame Chimney Liva Stainless Steel 60 Cms With Baffle Filter

CSD Code for Bajaj Chimney

  • CSD Code 67496: Bajaj Chimney HX1 BF (Bafle Filter)
  • CSD Code 67497: Bajaj Chimney HX7 BF (Bafle Filter)

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