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AFD CSD Online Shopping Portal for Army Personnel and Ex-Servicemen

This is a great facility and a tremendous experience for CSD beneficiaries! Even from home or office or any place in India, a CSD customer can buy a car or a bike, or any electronic items from this portal easily! This CSD AFD portal has launched on 8th January 2021 by the Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh. The aim of the portal is directly benefited 45 lakh beneficiaries of Armed Forces Personnel and Ex-Servicemen. A CSD beneficiary can now buy a Car, Bike, Scooter, Washing Machine, TV, or Fridge through this portal! And he can save time and money a lot!

Happy News for Armed Forces Personnel and Ex-Servicemen! Now, the CSD Canteen is becoming an Online Digital Store! đź‘Ź

What is AFD Item in CSD Canteen?

For the administrative function, the CSD has divided the goods and items into seven categories.

  • Category-I items are Toiletries and Cosmetics.
  • Category-II items are Electrical, Electronic Appliances, Cookers, Crockery, Wall Clocks, Kitchenware, Sewing Machines, and other Household requisites.
  • Category-III items are Hosiery items, Bicycles, Plasticware, Footwear, Luggage items, Undergarments, and Other general use items.
  • Category-IV items are Watches & Stationery VII (AFD items)
  • Category-V items are Liquor
  • Category-VI items are Food, Stationery & Medicinal items
  • Category-VII items are Televisions, Audio & Video Systems, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Two-wheelers, Cars, Tractors, Cooking ranges (ovens), Air conditioners Microwave ovens, etc.

The last category is AFD. Costly items are cars, bikes, scooters, washing machines, refrigerator are now available in Digital Online Store for CDS Customers! Yes, the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) has recently launched an online booking portal for purchasing AFD-I items. The website address is afd.csdindia.gov.in

CSD AFD Online Shop Website

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) is the Central Government Organization that is providing spectacular service to Armed Forces Personnel and Ex-Servicemen. The CSD Department has more than four thousand retail outlets across India. CSD is selling all types of products from Grocery items to big cars with lower prices than the open market. Now, the CSD is stepping forward into online sales. The online portal is afd.csdindia.gov.in

CSD AFD Online Shop Registration

All CSD customers are eligible to register on this portal without any specific charges. A one-time registration is compulsory for all CSD beneficiaries. The registration process is very easy with simple steps on this portal. While filling out the application form the following document details are kept with you. Grocery Card Number, Chip Number, PAN Number, Email ID, and Your Mobile Phone. You can download the Registration Manual in PDF format and read it before applying. [Click here to download]

CSD AFD Online Shop Login

After successful registration in CSD AFD online portal, the beneficiary will get an approval email with all login details. Every time beneficiary should enter the login details with OTP (One Time Password). The OTP will send to the registered mobile phone only. So, all CSD beneficiaries should keep in mind that use their personal mobile phone for registration. All CSD Customers are requested to follow the procedures illustrated (step by step with screenshot) in a PDF. [Click to see]

CSD AFD Online Shop Approval

After a successful registration process, the beneficiary will get a message from the CSD AFD Team. The approval process may take some days. Once approved the registration, the beneficiary will get an email with all login details. After approval, only the beneficiary can log in to the portal.

CSD AFD Online Portal Password

After getting the email on approval from the CSD AFD Team, the beneficiary has to change the password before logging in. If the beneficiary wants to change the password or retain the current password, the CSD AFD Online Portal provides an option to change or retain the password easily. Go to the official portal and click Shop Now button. And click the Lost the password? link and give the details and submit. The CSD AFD Team will send a link to change the new password.

CSD AFD Online Portal Price List

CSD Canteen items price list is available only at the entrance of CSD Depot or URC Canteen. The CSD has been categorized mainly as AFD Items and Non-AFD Items for official purposes. Now, the beneficiary can see the latest price list of all AFD-1 items in the official online portal.

CSD AFD Online Portal Online Order

All eligible CSD beneficiaries can now book a car, bike, scooter, AC, WM, Refrigerator, etc. in this portal with simple few easy steps. Before, a beneficiary travels even 500 km to reach the Depot Canteen and spends a lot of time to get the Local Supply order! Now, from the spot even in your work spot or the house itself, you can order a two-wheeler through online. You can pay the amount from your bank account! The Local Supply Order could get from the nearest URC canteen within a week!

CSD AFD Online Portal Online Payment

The process of paying money for CSD canteen in the form of Demand Draft is now changing into digital! The DD charges and valuable time are saved! The payment process is allowed only through the beneficiary bank account! There will be accountability in maintaining of individuals purchasing items from CSD AFD canteen!

CSD AFD Online Portal LS Order

In older days, the Local Supply Order (L.S. Order) will be issued by the Depot office. The same formalities are followed but the LS Order will be issued by the selected URC Canteen authorities.

CSD AFD Online Portal Delivery

The delivery of the purchased item from the selected authorized CSD dealer after submitting the LS Order.

CSD AFD Online Car Eligibility

  • Pay Band: Armed Forces Personnel (Serving and Retired) & Widows (As applicable) Pay Level 3A to 6
  • Cost of Car: Rs.Six Lakhs excluding taxes
  • Periodicity: The first car while in service and the Second car after Retirement. First car after min Five Years of service. The gap between the purchase of Two cars is Eight years.
  • For Widows, if the late husband had purchased a car each while in service and after retirement then the widow will not be eligible to buy a car. In case the late husband had purchased only one car while in service, then the widow can buy one car through CSD after a gap of eight years from the date of the last purchase.

CSD AFD Online Bike Eligibility

  • Eligibility and other conditions for Purchase of Bike and Scooter
  • All ranks (serving retired)
  • Widows of service personnel (including remarried)
  • The eldest child of the deceased service personnel, if he is not survived by his wife, provided the under-mentioned conditions are fulfilled :
  • If a son, he should be between 18 to 25 years of age and should not be in Service or commercially employed.
  • If a daughter, she should be unmarried.

CSD AFD Online White Goods Eligibility

What are white goods in the CSD canteen? The CSD canteen classified and publish a list of items in PDF format. [Click here to download]. Microwave Oven, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, LED TV, Mobile Phone and Laptop, etc.

CSD AFD Online URC Canteen

The CDS has been classified some of URC Canteen in lieu of CSD Depot for administration purposes. The nominated URC canteen will act for issuing the Local Supply Order to the beneficiaries. It seems this is a great development for CSD beneficiaries to get the LS Order without traveling a huge distance!

CSD AFD Authorized Dealer

CSD AFD online portal has appointed authorized dealers for cars, bikes, and other AFD Items in all depots in India. The complete list of AFD dealers is displayed in the portal when you have selected the dealer option. [Click to view the list]

CSD AFD Online Portal Help Desk

CSD AFD Online Portal provides detailed help desk contact numbers for beneficiaries. For issues related to registration: 0120-4699923. The helpline number of the CS Directorate is 011-26181892. CSD HO helpdesk for issues related to price/ dealer list/ depot list: 022 35104186/022 35104185. WhatsApp Number: 919321601308. Kindly contact the above numbers based on your issue, from Monday to Friday between 10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

CSD AFD Online Portal Car Price

The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) has maintained the online shopping portal and updated the price of AFD-1 items frequently! The prices of the same product slightly differ from one station to another station! So, all CSD customers are requested to contact your nearest authorized CSD dealer for more details on the prices and availability of your products!

CSD AFD Latest News

  • The sale has been started for the month of April 2022
  • if an item or index is not visible in the portal means that the selling rate is not submitted by OEM due to changes in the model, price, production issue, etc. such items will be available for sale as and when rates are received and updated in the portal.
  • For all refund cases, CSD beneficiaries have to submit an application to the nominated URC along with bank & account details for processing refunds by URC & concerned CSD depots.
  • Please see contact us get details of email ids to approach concerned offices.
  • Please see the FAQ, eligibility criteria, and how to make payment” menus in the portal before placing any demand.
  • Urgent information to all beneficiaries:  rates, as received from OEM, are updated in the portal and items are available for sale. if an item/index is not visible in the portal means that the selling rate is not submitted by overdue to changes in model/price/production issue etc. such items will be available for sale as and when rates are received & updated in the portal.
  • With effect from 15th May 2021 only for loan cases, the loan amount sanctioned by the bank can be made by direct bank transfer into the bank account of CSD, and the balance amount if any has to be deposited through the AFD portal payment gateway only.
  • Helpdesk number 0120-4699923

CSD Canteen AFD Online Order Booking Website afd.csdindia.gov.in

Now, You can buy a car online! You can buy a bike online! You can buy a scooter online! Yes, CSD Canteen Stores Department is now online! The Sales of AFD-I Items are available in Online Portal! Don’t roam here and there for purchasing a two or four-wheeler hereafter! Just log on to the afd.csdindia.gov.in website on your mobile phone with your family members! Select the product and pay online! Your Local Supply order will come to your nearest URC canteen! Go and get the LS Order and get your product easily!

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched a website for selling the AFD-I items online to the customers of the CSD Canteen. More than 45 lakh CSD customers will get the benefit of the online website to purchase costly items from their homes themselves! The CSD AFD Online Store is afd.csdindia.gov.in

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Car Price in CSD AFD Online Portal 2022 PDF Download are given below for your information:

Army Canteen Price List 2022

CSD Panasonic Split AC Sep Price 2022
Brand Panasonic Invertor (CS/CU-KU12YKY-1)
Model Split Ac 1.0 Ton 3*
CSD AFD AC Today Price Rs. 29,026
CSD Whirlpool Refrigerator September Price 2022
Brand Whirlpool Refrigerator 230 Impro PRM 3S
Model 215 Ltr Direct Cool
CSD AFD Fridge Today Price Rs. 15,878
CSD Samsung Led TV Sep Price 2022
Brand Samsung Brand LED TV 49 Inch
CSD AFD TV Today Price Rs. 44,850
CSD Samsung Led TV 2022 Detailed CSD Samsung Led Price
CSD LG Microwave Oven September Price 2022
Brand LG Microwave Oven
Model MH-2044 Series 20 Ltr (Grill)
CSD AFD Oven Today Price Rs. 6,649
CSD LG Microwave 2022 Detailed CSD LG Microwave Price
CSD Whirlpool W/Machine September Price 2022
Brand Whirlpool W/Machine
Model Ultra 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washer
CSD AFD WM Today Price Rs. 16,077
CSD W/Machine 2022 Detailed CSD Samsung WM Price
[Note: The above prices are approximate and make sure the prices with your nearest dealer or Depot canteen]

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