AICPIN June 2023 for DA, DR of Employees and Pensioners

All India Consumer Price Index June 2023

AICPIN June 2023 for DA, DR Employees & Pensioners June 2023 witnessed a rather moderate boost in the All-India CPI-IW, with a rise of 1.7 points, bringing the value to 136.4 (one hundred thirty six point four). Analyzing the percentage fluctuation over a one-month period, it displayed a noteworthy surge of 1.26 percent compared to … Read more

7th CPC Salary Calculator Central Government Employees

7th Pay Commission Salary Calculator Download

7th CPC Salary Calculator Central Government 2023 The calculator for determining the salary of central government employees in 2023 focuses mainly on the basic pay. This determines the amount of other allowances an employee is entitled to based on their position, grade and job responsibilities. Certain groups may also have additional allowances, such as Night … Read more

House Rent Allowance Online Monthly Calculator

House Rent Allowance Calculator in India

HRA Online Calculator 2023 after 7th CPC House Rent Allowance (HRA) is a typical part of employee compensation packages in India, designed to help cover the cost of renting a home. The appeal of HRA lies in its status as a tax-exempt allowance, up to a certain limit. Eligibility for HRA stipends hinges on factors … Read more

Central Government Employees: 18 Months DA Arrears Today

DA for Central Government Employees News Latest Update As of January 2022, the Latest Status of DA Arrears for 18 Months to Central Govt Employees reveals that the central government has opted not to provide its employees with the suspended Dearness Allowance (DA) arrears, which spanned from January 2021 to June 2021 during the COVID-19 … Read more

DMRC Pay Scale Salary Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

DMRC Pay Scale, Allowances After 7th Pay Commission In India’s National Capital Region, there is a public transportation system called the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). One of the biggest and best metro systems in the entire globe. As a result, it offers a straightforward wage structure to all of its workforces, from non-executive staff … Read more

Fixed Medical Allowance for Retired Employees

What is Fixed Medical Allowance? It is a monthly payment made to government and family retirees to help with their ongoing medical costs. It is obvious that Central Civil Pensioners and Family Pensioners require a fixed medical allowance. Pensioners are finding it difficult to pay for the necessary medical care and prescription drugs due to … Read more