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AP-30 Srikakulam RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

AP 30 Srikakulam RTO Code Details

Welcome to the comprehensive manual on the esteemed Srikakulam District Transport Office (AP 30). Within these pages, you will find invaluable information regarding the jurisdiction areas it covers. Furthermore, we provide an overview of the Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI Office) and Unit Offices situated within the Srikakulam district. Delve into this guide to uncover the precise addresses, contact phone numbers, and email id of the esteemed RTO office in Srikakulam.

AP-30 Srikakulam DTO

Experience the enchanting realm of DTO Srikakulam – AP-30! Feast your eyes upon the magnificent RTO code situated in the splendid state of Andhra Pradesh, known affectionately as AP-30. Tucked away in the scenic Srikakulam District, this remarkable office is a true marvel. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of communication by dialing the mesmerizing STD code for landline – 8942. Prepare to be transported as you establish contact through the ethereal landline number – 240240. Brace yourself for a connection unlike any other.

State Name Andhra Pradesh
RTO Code AP-30
District Name Srikakulam
Office Name Srikakulam (DTO)
Office Address Srikakulam Tandemvalasa, Amadalavalasa Post, Opposite to Rural Police Station, Srikakulam District
Landline Number 8942-240240
Office Email rto_srikakulam@aptransport.org
Official Website aptransport.org
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Srikakulam AP-30 Jurisdiction Area List

For those who are located in the specified regions, the Srikakulam RTO office shall serve as your designated destination for vehicle registration. Furthermore, your vehicle shall be adorned with the distinguished AP 30 number plate code.

1. Ganguvari Sigadam
2. Laveru
3. Ranastalam
4. Etcherla
5. Ponduru
6. Sarubujjili
7. Gara

The jurisdiction of the Srikakulam District Transport Office (DTO) extends to the MVI Office located at Purushothapuram Checkpost.

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c. Ranastalam
d. Etcherla
e. Ponduru
f. Sarubujjili
g. Gara

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