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AP-221 Adoni RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

AP 221 Adoni RTO Code Details

Discover the intriguing details of the esteemed Adoni RTO Code, AP 221, situated in the captivating state of Andhra Pradesh. Nestled in the heart of the enchanting Kurnool district, the Adoni UO Office beckons with its distinguished presence. Located in the alluring Vengalapuram region of Adoni, Kurnool Dist., Andhra Pradesh, this esteemed establishment awaits your visit. Embrace the essence of this remarkable place, as you delve into its rich heritage and marvel at its exquisite surroundings. Unveil the secrets of AP-221, an authentic symbol of excellence. Explore further at aptransport.org, the official website that offers a gateway to a world of knowledge and resources.

AP-221 Adoni UO

State Name Andhra Pradesh
RTO Code AP-221
District Name Kurnool
Office Name Adoni UO Office
Office Address Vengalapuram, Adoni, Kurnool Dist., Andhra Pradesh
Office Pincode 518301
Official Website aptransport.org
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Adoni AP-221 Jurisdiction Area List

The AP-221 Adoni Unit Office (UO) has jurisdiction over a list of areas, including Adoni, Kautalam, Peddakadaburu, Holagunda, Kosigi, Mantralayam, Thuggali, Gonegandla, Devanakonda, Yemmiganur, Maddikera, Nandavaram, Aluru, Aspari, Chippagiri, Halaharvi, Pathikonda. These areas fall within the purview of the Adoni UO, where administrative tasks and services are provided to the residents and communities residing within these mandals.

The AP-221 Adoni Unit Office (UO) has mandals over the following areas:

  1. Adoni
  2. Kautalam
  3. Peddakadaburu
  4. Holagunda
  5. Kosigi
  6. Mantralayam
  7. Thuggali
  8. Gonegandla
  9. Devanakonda
  10. Yemmiganur
  11. Maddikera
  12. Nandavaram
  13. Aluru
  14. Aspari
  15. Chippagiri
  16. Halaharvi
  17. Pathikonda

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