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Vehicle Registration in New Delhi RTO


Government of NCT of Delhi

The Latest List of documents required for permanent vehicle registration in New Delhi 2021

New Vehicle Registration in Delhi Online FAQ

  • How do I know where my vehicle is registered?

Ans: The Department of Transportation Regional Office Code is mentioned in the registration certificate / No. We can find out from the registration authority address. This type of registration system came into effect after 1989. Fracture, for example, refers to the regional office registration address.

  • Is it necessary to have a registered owner in every transaction of the vehicle?

Ans: No, only if the signature is different or in other suspicious cases the registered owner must appear before the person concerned at the Regional Transportation Office.The other person can also represent for transactions in registration, if authorized by the vehicle owner and also to signature in disclaimer.

  • Can I have copies of registration certificates with the vehicles?

Ans: Keep the original registration certificate and other vehicle documents with your vehicle and keep photocopies in your home. The court may sue that you did not have the original documents while driving.

  • Who should I get an insurance policy for?

Ans: Any authorized agent of the insurance company. You can choose the insurance company that can provide the best service in times of Risk and can assist you in the process of claiming Formalities.

  • Which insurance company should I contact for insurance on my vehicle?

Ans: You can choose any insurance company, which can provide the best benefits if needed to cover the claims as per the policy and all the company terms and conditions.