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TS-102 Huzurabad RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

TS-102 Huzurabad RTO Code Details

The Huzurabad Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) Office in Telangana is a prominent establishment within the state. Operating under the RTO code TS-102, this office is located in the district of Huzurabad. The specific location of the office is at Q.No.EE5, K.C. Camp in Telangana, with the RTO pincode number being 505498. For further information and updates regarding the Huzurabad MVI Office, one can visit the official website transport.telangana.gov.in.

Telangana Huzurabad MVI Office Details

Get detailed information on the Telangana Huzurabad MVI Office, including official contact and address information.


State Name Telangana
State RTO Code TS-102
District Name Huzurabad
Name of the Office Unit Office Huzurabad
RTO Office Address MVI Unit Office Huzurabad, Q.No.EE5, K.C.Camp, Telangana
RTO Pincode Number 505498
RTO Official Website transport.telangana.gov.in
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TS-102 Huzurabad Jurisdiction (Mandal) Area List

The TS-102 Huzurabad Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) is responsible for overseeing and enforcing vehicle regulations in multiple areas. These areas include Saidapur, a quaint village known for its lush green surroundings; Shankarapatnam, a bustling town with a vibrant market and diverse community; Huzurabad, a thriving city renowned for its industrial development and cultural heritage; Jammikunta, a historic town with stunning architecture and a rich history; and Veenavanka, a picturesque village nestled amidst rolling hills and serene landscapes. The MVI’s role is crucial in ensuring that vehicles in these areas adhere to safety standards and regulations set by the government.

The TS-102 Huzurabad Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) has mandal name over the following areas:

  1. Saidapur
  2. Shankarapatnam
  3. Huzurabad
  4. Jammikunta
  5. Veenavanka