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TS-01 Adilabad RTO Code, Office Address, Contact Numbers, and Jurisdiction Area List

TS-01 Adilabad RTO Code Details

The DTO Office in Adilabad, located in the captivating state of Telangana, holds significant details for your perusal. As you delve into the realm of vehicular matters, remember that the RTO Code for this region is TS-01. Within the district of Adilabad, you will find the esteemed DTO Adilabad Office, nestled harmoniously beside the railway track in Battisawargaon Village. The enchanting Adilabad District of Telangana is home to this esteemed establishment. The RTO Pincode Number, a vital piece of information, is 504001. To uncover further knowledge and guidance, venture into the realm of the RTO’s official website: transport.telangana.gov.in.

Telangana Adilabad DTO Office Details

Get detailed information on the Telangana Adilabad DTO Office, including official contact and address information.

State Name Telangana
State RTO Code TS-01
District Name Adilabad
Name of the Office DTO Adilabad
RTO Office Address RTA Adilabad, Beside Railway Track, Battisawargaon Village, Adilabad Dist, Telangana.
RTO Pincode Number 504001
RTO Official Website transport.telangana.gov.in
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TS-01 Adilabad Jurisdiction (Mandal) Area List

The TS-01 Adilabad District Transport Office (DTO) has jurisdiction over a number of regions, including Talamadugu, Tamsi, Adilabad, Jainath, Bela, Narnoor, Gudihatnur, Ichoda, Bazarhathnoor, Boath, Neradigonda, Utnoor, Indervelly, Mavala, Adilabad Rural, Bheempur, Sirikonda, Gadiguda. These regions, each with its own unique characteristics and communities, are all under the purview of the DTO, which ensures efficient transportation services and compliance with regulations in these areas.

The TS-01 Adilabad District Transport Office (DTO) has mandal name over the following areas:

  1. Talamadugu
  2. Tamsi
  3. Adilabad
  4. Jainath
  5. Bela
  6. Narnoor
  7. Gudihatnur
  8. Ichoda
  9. Bazarhathnoor
  10. Boath
  11. Neradigonda
  12. Utnoor
  13. Indervelly
  14. Mavala
  15. Adilabad Rural
  16. Bheempur
  17. Sirikonda
  18. Gadiguda