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TNSTC Monthly Bus Pass Online Apply Now

TNSTC Monthly Bus Pass Online Apply

TNSTC Monthly Bus Pass Online PDF: In Tamil Nadu, Pallavan Transport Corporation was established under the Companies Act, of 1956 and buses operated in Chennai and Chengalpattu were brought under it and paved the way for the inception of other State Transport Undertakings.

21 STUs were created by bifurcation from 1972 to 1996. Again merging of STUs started in 2001, and STUs are functioning as “Eight” since 2004.

TNSTC Monthly Bus Pass Online Fare Concessions

  • 100% free travel concessions to school and college students travel in all buses except SETC buses
  • All Schools including Private Schools recognized by the Government (1st Standard – 12th Standard)
  • 50% travel concessions to private colleges, private polytechnics, private engineering colleges
  • Travel as you please tickets on monthly basis (Rs.1000) in Madurai, Coimbatore and other Municipal Corporations

Public Transport Network in Tamil Nadu

  • STU Buses per day – 20,946
  • Private Buses per day – 7,596
  • Mini Buses per day – 4,056

MTC 1000 Rupees Bus Pass Rules in Chennai

Monthly Rs. 1000 TAYPT – Bus Pass Rules and Restrictions 

  1. Allowed to travel in ordinary, express, deluxe, Night service expects A, Lift Services and Chartered trips.
  2. Valid for the period mentioned in the card.
  3. Valid only if signed by the passenger.
  4. No duplicate card is issued
  5. To travel with the identity card issued by the MTC.
  6. 29 Issuing Points are given below in the table

Note: Permitted to travel on any number of trips.

MTC Bus Pass | Monthly Commuter Season Tickets (MST)

MTC Stage-wise fare (For 1 Adult): The below state-wise rate chart with effect from 29th January 2018 as per the TN G.O. Ms. No.48. The total stages are divided into 30. And the rates for the 1st and 2nd stages and the 24th to 30th stages are not available in the chart.

3 Rs. 320
4 Rs. 320
5 Rs. 370
6 Rs. 410
7 Rs. 410
8 Rs. 450
9 Rs. 450
10 Rs. 500
11 Rs. 500
12 Rs. 540
13 Rs. 590
14 Rs. 590
15 Rs. 590
16 Rs. 590
17 Rs. 590
18 Rs. 630
19 Rs. 630
20 Rs. 630
21 Rs. 670
22 Rs. 670
23 Rs. 670

Note: A Stage is approximately equal to 2 km. M.S.T. Holders are permitted to travel in all Ordinary and, Express. An additional Rs.11 is collected to travel in Deluxe services.

Procedures for getting the MST Season Tickets

Commuters, who like to get the Monthly Season Ticket, shall obtain an Identity Card at the M.T.C Sales Counter by paying Rs. 5. ID Card Lamination charges Rs. 10. Totally – Rs. 15. The Monthly Season Ticket will be issued in the presence of this Identity Card only.

  • One Pass Port Size Photo
  • Address Proof Xerox Copies
  • Bus Pass Validity Period
  • Every Month from the 16th to 15th of the next Month

MTC Bus Pass (MST) in Chennai Date and Timings

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai) Ltd. issued MST Bus Pass for all general public in the following centres. Monthly Season Ticket cards are issued from the 1st to the 22nd of every month. And will also be issued on Sundays and all Government holidays. The Depot of MTC in Chennai issued the bus pass at the following times:

  • 08.30 am to 11.00 am
  • 03.00 pm to 07.30 pm
  • Also issued Sundays and on all Government Holidays

Govt MTC Bus Pass Issuing Points (Depots) in Chennai

1  Adyar
2  Ambattur Industrial Estate
3  Ambattur OT
4  Anna Nagar (West)
5  Avadi
6  Ayanavaram
7  Broadway
8  C.M.B.T
9  Central Rly station
10  Guindy Industrial Estate
11  Iyyappanthangal
12  K.K.Nagar
13  M.K.B.Nagar
14  Mandaveli
15  Pallavaram
16  Perambur
17  Poonamallee
18  Redhills
19  Saidapet
20  Sriperumbathur
21  T.Nagar
22  Tambaram (West)
23  Thiruvanmiyur
24  Thiruvotriyur
25  Tondiarpet
26  Vadapalani
27  Vallalar Nagar
28  Velachery
29  Villivakkam
Free Travel Concession for Press Reports
  • All route passes with ID are issued.
  • Passes are issued to accredited Journalists/Reporters up to a maximum of 300 passes per year.

Free MTC Bus Pass | Concession for Students in MTC Buses

Free Bus Pass Concession for School Students from Class 1 to 12

  • Students studying from 1st Std to 12th Std. in the Schools recognized by Government and students studying in the Government ITI, Government Colleges and Government Polytechnics are eligible to avail of this free bus pass facility.
  • Passes are issued to travel from residence to school, college and back.
  • Allowed to travel on all days of the month.
  • Permitted to travel in all Ordinary, Express and Deluxe services except Night Services & AC.

How to Get Students Free Bus Pass in Chennai?

  • School authorities to get the required application forms from the Head Office of MTC.
  • Pass-issuing agencies will go to the schools for taking photos and issuing passes under the online system.
  • Passes after lamination are given to students in the schools themselves.

Period of MTC Free Bus Pass Issued for Students

  • Passes are issued from the 15th of June to the 30th of November every year. The validity period is from 15th June to 30th April.

MTC Free Bus Pass | College Student Concession Ticket

Procedures for getting the tickets

  • Issue of 50% Student Concession application forms, Registration and Issue of Point to Point cards for the first month of every academic year is being done through the concerned educational institutions. For the subsequent months, the Point Point card will be issued directly to the student at the M.T.C. Sales Counter. Renewal dates are to be followed as mentioned on the student’s ID Card.

Period of MTC Free Bus Pass Issued for College Students

  • 50% Student Concession Tickets are issued from the 1st to the 13th of every month.

Bus Pass Valid Period

  • Every month 11th to the 10th of Next Month

Note: In case of ID Card missing students and Address changes are instructed to contact the concession pass in charge in College.

Bus Pass for College Student Concession Ticket – SCT

1 Rs. 120
2 Rs. 140
3 Rs. 160
4 Rs. 180
5 Rs. 200
6 Rs. 220
7 Rs. 240
8 Rs. 260
9 Rs. 280

MTC Students Free Bus Pass Issuing 29 Depot Points are given above in the table from Adyar Depot to Villivakkam Depot.

MTC Free Students Bus Pass Download Application Forms

Free MTC Bus Travel Concession for Physically Handicapped and Mentally Retarded

Bus Pass Eligibility and Conditions

  • To be recommended by District Rehabilitation Officer.
  • Disability should be more than 40%.
  • Allowed to travel Point-to-Point [i.e.] from residence to the hospital or Educational Institutions or Work place within a maximum distance of 30 Km.
  • One attendant is allowed to travel with a mentally retarded person.
  • Issued by Original MTC Bus pass to be produced while on travelling as well as checking.

MTC Bus Travel  Concession For Blind

Concession to Vision Person Eligibility

  • To be recommended by District rehabilitation Officer.
  • Disability should be more than 40%.
  • No restriction on income, travel distance or number of trips per month.
  • Issued by original MTC Bus pass to be produced while on travelling as well as checking.

MTC Bus Travel Concession for Freedom Fighters

Concession for Freedom Fighters and Language Stir Participants and their legal-heirs [Bus Pass] Eligibility

  • Concession for freedom Fighters and Language Stir Participants, Their Legal – Heirs
  • Concession for Tamil Award Winners, Aged Tamil Scholars.
  • Submission of freedom fighter pension certificate or financial assistance certificate issued by a state or central government.
  • Allowed to travel on all routes
  • Allowed to travel in all STU buses.
  • Issued by Original MTC Bus Pass to be produced while travelling as well as checking.

Senior Citizen Free MTC Bus Pass

Senior Citizen free MTC bus pass in Chennai

  • Applicant Should be 60 Years of Age
  • Eligible for those who are living in Chennai City Limit
  • To get the Senior Citizen Token only from nearby Depot or Terminus only (as in Address Proof)

Procedures for getting the Senior Citizen Free Bus Pass

  • Ration Card for Address Proof
  • Aadhar Card for Age Proof
  • Two Passport Size Photo

தமிழ்நாடு அரசு போக்குவரத்து கழகம்

மூத்த குடிமக்களுக்கான இலவச பஸ் பாஸ் படிவத்தை பதிவிறக்கம் செய்ய கீழே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

Click to Download Senior Citizen Free MTC Bus Pass Application Form PDF Download


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MTC Charted Trips for Private Companies

Chartered Trips for Companies: For ordinary buses Rs.55/per Km (up to 100 Km) subject to the operation of 100 Km per day. For Night trips ie from 11.00 pm to 4.00 am 25% extra of the above rate shall be charged.

Chartered Trips for Private Parties/Schools: Twice the LSS bus fare for the actual journey performed by the party subject to a minimum of 73 persons .minimum 5 stages LSS fare Rs.10 x 2= 20 x 73=Rs.1460+18% GST

Reservation charges: Rs.200/- per bus / Trip.
If the party detains the bus before the scheduled time of departure by more than 15 minutes, Detention Charges at the rate of Rs.150/- for every block of 15 minutes will be collected on the spot for the period exceeding 15 minutes.

Conditions: Chartered trips will be provided within the Chennai Metropolitan area limit.

  1. Reservation charges: Rs.200/- per bus/Trip.
  2. Chartered trip full amount paid by DD in favour of MTC, Ltd, Chennai-2.
  3. Chartered trip charges shall be paid by D.D.
  4. M.T.C. is not liable for compensation or loss if any arising due to the non-operation of chartered trips on account of unforeseen reasons. Chartered trip charges alone will be refunded in case of non-operation.
  5. Information about the cancellation of trips shall be given 24 hours in advance.
  6. Toll fees shall be paid
  7. The party should pay the cost of damages if any occurred during the period of hire with or without the knowledge of the party.
  8. As and when Board revises the charges, the charges so revised will be applicable to Contact Nos.044-23455858, and 044-23455859.

How many Ordinary MTC Buses running in Chennai?

There are 1559 Ordinary MTC Buses running in Chennai.

How many Express MTC Buses running in Chennai?

There are 180 Express MTC Buses running in Chennai.

How many Deluxe MTC Buses running in Chennai?

There are 1301 Deluxe MTC Buses running in Chennai.

How many A/C MTC Buses running in Chennai?

There are 48 A/C Buses running in Chennai.

How many Small MTC Buses running in Chennai?

There are 145 Small Buses running in Chennai.

How many Special MTC Buses for Women and Children Operating in Chennai?

There are 210 Special MTC Buses for Women and Children Operating in Chennai.

How many MTC Buses Running in Chennai?

There are 3233 MTC Buses are totally running in Chennai.