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RJ-39 Balotra RTO Vehicle Registration Code Office Contact Details

RJ-39 Balotra (Rajasthan) DTO Vehicle Registration Code and Contact Details

The vehicle registration code and contact details for Balotra (Rajasthan) DTO are as follows: The registration mark code is RJ-39. This code corresponds to the state name Rajasthan, which has the state code RJ. The office responsible for vehicle registration is the Balotra DTO Office, located in Jerla, Rajasthan. The pin code for this office is 344032. To reach out to them, you can dial the contact number 2988-225750 or send an email to dto.balotra.tport@rajasthan.gov.in. The Rajasthan number plate associated with this registration code is RJ 39 XX XXXX.

Balotra DTO Registration Mark Code

State Name Rajasthan
State Code RJ
Registration Mark RJ 39
Office Name Balotra DTO Office
Office Address Jerla, Rajasthan
Pin Code 344032
Contact Number 2988-225750
Email ID dto.balotra.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan Number Plate RJ 39 XX XXXX
RJ RTO Official Website transport.rajasthan.gov.in
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RJ-39 Balotra DTO Jurisdiction Area List

The RJ-39 Balotra DTO Jurisdiction Area List includes several areas within its jurisdiction. These areas are Balotra, Sindhari, Gida, Pachpadra, Siwana, and Samdari. Each of these areas has its own unique characteristics and features that make them distinct from one another. From the bustling streets of Balotra to the serene landscapes of Siwana, each area offers its own charm and allure. Whether you’re seeking adventure or tranquility, the RJ-39 Balotra DTO Jurisdiction has something to offer for everyone.

  • Balotra
  • Sindhari
  • Gida
  • Pachpadra
  • Siwana
  • Samdari