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RJ-27 Udaipur RTO Vehicle Registration Code Office Contact Details

RJ-27 Udaipur (Rajasthan) RTO Vehicle Registration Code and Contact Details

Welcome to the realm of vehicular bureaucracy in Udaipur, Rajasthan! Behold the almighty code of RJ-27, an insignia that grants vehicles the honor of registration within this majestic state. The Udaipur RTO Office, located on the illustrious Sukher Road Ayad Rural, stands as the bastion where this code is bestowed upon worthy automobiles. If you seek to make contact with this esteemed establishment, simply dial the sacred number 0294-2471522 or commune with them via the electronic mail at rto.udaipur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in. However, do not forget the vital piece of information, the pin code 313001, which serves as the gateway to this realm. And lo! The Rajasthan Number Plate, adorned with the emblematic RJ 27, shall proudly grace any vehicle deemed worthy of traversing these roads.

Udaipur RTO Registration Mark Code

State Name Rajasthan
State Code RJ
Registration Mark RJ 27
Office Name Udaipur RTO Office
Office Address Sukher Road Ayad Rural, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Pin Code 313001
Contact Number 0294-2471522
Email ID rto.udaipur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan Number Plate RJ 27 XX XXXX
RJ RTO Official Website transport.rajasthan.gov.in
Rajasthan RTO Code PDF Download
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RJ-27 Udaipur RTO Old Registration Series

In the Udaipur region, the local Road Transport Office (RTO) has an old registration series called RJ-27. This series is used for various types of vehicles, including taxi cabs and other vehicles. The taxi cabs in this series have registration numbers ranging from RST 6001 to RST 7000. As for the other vehicles in the RJ-27 series, their registration numbers start with different combinations of letters, such as RJY, RSY, RRY, RSJ, RRJ, RNY, RPJ, and RPO. These registration numbers help to identify and differentiate the vehicles within the Udaipur region.

  • Taxi Cab: RST 6001-7000
  • Other vehicles: RJY, RSY, RRY, RSJ, RRJ, RNY, RPJ, RPO

RJ-27 Udaipur RTO Jurisdiction Area List

The RJ-27 Udaipur RTO Jurisdiction Area List includes several tehsils and locations. These include Girva Tehsil, Salumber, Vallabhangar, Jhadol, Rishabhdeo, Kherwara, Gogunda, Sarada, Semari, Kotra, Lasadiya, Badgonv, Bhindar, Kanod, and Mavli Tehsil. Each of these areas is carefully managed and covered under the jurisdiction of the Udaipur RTO.

  • Girva Tehsil
  • Salumber
  • Vallabhangar
  • Jhadol
  • Rishabhdeo
  • Kherwara
  • Gogunda
  • Sarada
  • Semari
  • Kotra
  • Lasadiya
  • Badgonv
  • Bhindar
  • Kanod
  • Mavli Tehsil