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Online Life Tax Question Test in AP RTO

Andhra Pradesh RTO is providing more information about Online Life Tax in an easy way. The below Questions and Answers are very useful to know about the LLR before initiate.

Transport Commissionerate and State Transport Authority (Government of Andhra Pradesh)

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What is Online Life Tax?

  • Online Life Tax Payment is a facility created for vehicle dealers in Andhra Pradesh, wherein they can pay the life tax for the vehicles sold online either through net banking or a credit card.

What are the minimum requirements for availing of the online life tax payment facility?

To avail the facility of online life tax payment the following are the requirements:

  • Dealer online registration
  • Dealer ID and password to login to the site
  • Netbanking account with a Bank ( ICICI/AXIS/HDFC/OBC/IDBI)
  • Internet connection (preferably DSL/Broad Band)
  • Laser Printer ( A4 mode)

Is the Online Life Tax Payment for Dealers very complicated?

  • No, not at all. Please read out the help menu and do one transaction and you will find it very easy and convenient.

What are the essential features of the online life tax payment facility for dealers?

  • One time entry of data on vehicles, owner, insurance, and hypothecation
  • Any time edit and delete facility
  • you can program as many vehicles for life tax payment facility and still make payment of life tax either for one for all vehicles at your convenience
  • get all documents for a vehicle which includes forms 20, 21, life tax receipt, TR number
    release of TR number only upon payment of life tax
  • payment cart system linked to a bank of your choice.
  • the flexibility is given to the customer to pay life tax at any e-0seva counter or the RTO office.
  • a complete record of all transactions as a part of the online MIS
  • instantaneous remittance of amounts to the transport department

How are we sure that the life tax payment made online is also updated in the RTO office servers?

  • You will get a confirmation for every payment made in the payment cart. You can also see failed transactions and pending payment transactions. All confirmed transactions will then be routed to the concerned RTO office.

How is the online life tax payment facility beneficial to the customer, the dealer, and the transport department?

The online life tax facility is a boon to all and creates a win-win situation for one and all.


  • all transaction immediately online at the dealer premises,
  • confirmed documents including forms 20, 21, life tax receipt, TR form, and a welcome letter. along with sales invoice and form 22
  • No more hassles of going through unauthorized agents or dealers.
  • Registration process fully simplified


  • Online payment,
  • save on manpower,
  • complete MIS record of all transactions;
  • any number of copies of the documents;
  • one time entry of details of the transaction

Transport Department:

  • No more entries for registration,
  • everything has already been entered at the dealer level;
  • no more spelling mistakes and corrections;
  • retrieval of data from the transport server;
  • quicker disposal;
  • more number of transactions;
  • immediate remittance of the life tax amount without delay as all collections are in cash.

What are the steps in the life tax online payment?

  • The life tax online payment facility essentially envisages eight steps:
  • Registration of a dealer for a user id and password
  • logging into the website – Online services/ dealer
  • commence a new transaction
  • entering the details of the vehicle, owner, insurance, and hypothecation if any.
  • print a draft copy for checking up on any mistakes
  • proceed to the pay cart – more than one vehicles can be added to the pay chart
  • proceed to make payment either for one or for all vehicles
  • downloading the documents from the pay cart
  • Check up the MIS report as and when you like.

if the vehicle is in the pay cart is the transaction final?

  • Any number of vehicles can be in the pay chart. You can view, add or delete the vehicles in the pay chart. Only when you select the vehicles in the pay chart for payment, you will be given an option to pay it either by credit card or net banking. You will have to log into your website and use your user id and password and make the payments. Only then the payment is confirmed. Once the payment is made you cannot make any changes to the vehicle data entered

Will there be a VAT payable on the life tax or temporary registration fee collected by the dealer?

  • Life Tax, Temporary Registration Fee, Service charges, and Hypothecation fee as collected based on the orders of the Transport Commissioner are not liable to tax. However, any amounts collected over and above the amounts authorized are liable to VAT.

Can I make any changes to the registration details on the payment of life tax?

  • You cannot make any changes to the registration details of the vehicles after payment of life tax. Any changes are possible only before the payment of life tax. Be careful to check with the customer before paying life tax.

The customer booked the vehicle in his name and later requests for change of name since the finance company declined to give him the loan as he is not creditworthy?

  • Once the life tax is paid, the transaction is complete. Any changes will only have to be made by way of vehicle sale/transfer. No changes can be made once the life tax is paid. henceforth, dealers are advised to book the vehicle only after confirming the sale of the vehicle from the customer. Please take the signature of the customer on the draft copy for the record so that the customer does not retract.

Can a customer be permitted to change the color of the vehicle after he has paid life tax?

  • No changes will be permitted after the payment of the life tax. Dealers are advised to check and recheck from the customer before payment of the life tax. The payment of life tax on a vehicle freezes the transaction record of the customer.