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Learner Licence in Delhi RTO

Learner Licence in New Delhi RTO:

  • The learning license is a temporary license that is only valid for 6 months. It is provided to learn how to drive motor vehicles. The provision of subsection (1) of section 3 does not apply when a person receives instructions or has experience in driving with a subject to a motor vehicle driving test. There is painted in the front and the rear of the vehicle or on a plate or card affixed to the front and the rear, the letter “L” in red on a white background.

Learning license Requires Documentation in New Delhi RTO:

The following documents are required with the Learning License form to obtain a Learning License.

  • Application- cum – Declaration as to physical fitness, Form-1
  • Valid Form-1A (for transport vehicle license and for applicants above 40 years of age in case of other categories)
  • Two copies of applicant’s recent passport size photograph.
  • Self-Attested copy of proof of residence
  • Self-Attested copy of proof of age
  • Self-Attested copy of proof of Educational Qualification- minimum 8th standard Pass (for transport vehicle’s license)
  • Application for grant of learner’s license Form – 2
  • Copy of effective light motor vehicle driving license, already held for at least one year
  • Case of transport vehicle learner’s license) and completed the age of 20 years on the date of application.
  • Prescribed fee

Eligibility for a Learner’s License in  New Delhi RTO:

  • No person shall appear for the qualifying examination for driving unless they have a learning license for at least thirty days. The applicant should apply within one (01) months and six (06) months from the date of issuance of his learning license and should be well versed in vehicle systems, driving, traffic rules and regulations.