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Driving License in Gujarat RTO

The Latest list of Regional Transport Office (RTO) Vehicle Registration Code for Gujarat.

New License in Gujarat RTO:

  • To obtain a new driver’s license, the applicant must obtain a learning license.
  • An applicant must apply for both a Learning and Driving License in Course No. 2/4, along with the medical certificate in Form No. 1 (A). If a person wants to get a driver’s license for transport goods vehicle and to get an appointment online or for more details.

Addition of Another Class of Vehicle in the Existing Driving License Gujarat RTO:

  • Add another category to the current license for two-wheelers.
  • Application Form-8 should be accompanied by the original driving license of Rs.50/ – for driving license, Rs.200/ – for smart card driving license and Rs.50/ – for driving test. To be paid with the application.
  • A learning license must be obtained by the applicant, but he or she is exempt from the computer knowledge test.
  • Applicants can take the driving test after a 30-day break from obtaining a learning license.

Renewal, Duplicate of Driving License in Gujarat RTO:

  • The driving license is valid till the date as shown in the driving The driver’s license is valid up to date as shown on the driver’s license.
  • A grace period of 30 days is granted for renewal of driving license.
  • If the holder of the driving license comes for renewal for 5 years from the expiration date, he will be exempted from the test, but the license will be valid from the date of renewal.

New License to Eligible in Gujarat RTO

  • A person should have completed 16 years to obtain license for 2 wheelers without gear.
  • A person should have completed 18 years age to obtain license for 2 wheeler with gear, Motor-car, Tractor and other non-transport vehicles.
  • For transport vehicles, a person should have completed 20 years of age. In addition he should be passed standard 8th pass and should have experience of 1 year driving a light motor vehicle.